“U.S. travelers only take a few leisure trips a year, but travel is rarely far from their minds. Mobile devices mean that information is always at their fingertips, and travelers are eating it up   Phocuswright April 2019

The Enterprise Ireland Market Research Centre offers client companies access to market intelligence in the form of company, sector, market and country information needed to explore opportunities and compete in international markets.

Below are just some of the reports analysing the Online Travel Shopping & Booking Market & what Technological advances have happened in the Travel industry globally.


  • Destination Selection Trends among US Travelers Apr 2019
  • How European Travelers Shop & Book on Smartphones
  • U.K. Online Travel 2018: By the Numbers
  • U.S. Consumer Travel 2018: Shopping and Booking
  • Mobile Augmented Reality: Where’s the ROI?
  • It’s All About the Experience: How Will Technology Improve the Hotel Stay?
  • U.S. Traveler Technology Survey Eighth Edition (Series
  • Global Mobile Market Sizing: Focus on U.S., APAC, and Europe
  • U.S. Travel Agency Distribution Landscape 2016-2021
  • U.S. Car Rental 2018
  • Mobile, Millennials and Emerging Markets: The Next Wave in Global Travel
  • How European Travelers Shop and Book on Smartphones
  • U.S. Hotel & Lodging 2018: Market Sizing and Landscape


  • Online and Mobile Channels Drivers of Travel Industry Growth
  • Voice: The New Frontier in Travel Booking
  • Travel in (Country reports)
  • Online Travel Sales (Country Reports)

IBISWorld (US Market)

  • Tourism in the US
  • Tour Operators
  • Travel Agencies

Plimsoll (UK Market)

  • Travel Agents
  • Tour Operators
  • European & Worldwide Coach Tour Operators


  • Travel & Tourism (Country Reports)

Proquest ABI/Inform

  • BMI Tourism Report (Countries)

BCC Research

  • Hotel And Other Travel Accommodation Global Market Briefing 2018

Frost & Sullivan

  • Global Travel Technology Market
  • IT Trends in the Travel, Cruise & Hospitality Market
  • The App Oriented Tourist: 5 Key Augmented Reality Trends in Tourism
  • An End User Perspective on Navigating Digital Transformation in Travel and Transportation, Global, 2017
  • Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia Transformational Health Insights, 2017-2022


Optimal online channel strategies for a hotel considering direct booking and cooperation with an online travel agent. By: Ye, Fei; Yan, Hui; Wu, Yongzhong. International Transactions in Operational Research. May2019, Vol. 26 Issue 3

Technology makes travel much easier – GETTING AROUND Noosa News. 01/04/2019, 15, Database: Business Source Corporate Plus

Expedia studying how online travel shopping makes you feel- By: Biesiada, Jamie. Travel Weekly. 12/18/2017, Vol. 76 Issue 51

Incorporating online shopping into travel demand modelling: challenges, progress, and opportunities. By: Suel, Esra; Polak, John W. Transport Reviews. Sep2018, Vol. 38 Issue 5,

The impact of perceived security and consumer innovativeness on e-loyalty in online travel shopping- By: Cui, Feng; Lin, Derong; Qu, Hailin. Journal of Travel & Tourism Marketing. Aug/Sep2018, Vol. 35 Issue 6



Company listings are a way of identifying potential customers, collaborators, and competitors. Read our blog on Company Information to see which databases can be used to find information on companies in the Tourism & Mobile Travel market.

The Market Research Centre is open Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm. To view the reports above or if you have any queries, email us at market.research@enterprise-ireland.com or call us on +353 (1) 7272324.

Important note: All our resources are governed by copyright licence agreements which vary according to individual publishers. The use of cameras and USBs is prohibited.





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