Enterprise Ireland’s priority is the achievement of export sales growth from Irish-owned companies. Export sales growth leads to an increase in demand for Irish goods and services, and increases the flow of income into the Irish economy. This is fundamental to job creation and maintenance in Ireland.
Enterprise Ireland works with entrepreneurs and business people across the full business development spectrum – from early-stage entrepreneurs, to established business owners and Irish multinational companies. Our clients include:

High Potential Start-Up companies with the capability to start a business and sell in export markets.

Large companies (employing more than 250).

Irish-based food and natural resource companies, that are overseas-owned or controlled.

We do not work with locally traded service companies or with micro-enterprises such as sole traders. Support for these companies or individuals is available from the Local Enterprise Offices.

Becoming an Enterprise Ireland Client

To find out if Enterprise Ireland can help your business, please contact your local Enterprise Ireland office.