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The fine dining segment has done particularly well over the past five years due to quick recovery in the income levels of affluent consumers and the corporate sector. Conversely, restaurants at the lower end of the market have struggled with low growth, as consumers have traded down to the innovative products served by a growing number of new fast-casual chains. The industry’s steady growth is expected to continue over the next five years as the economy improves and consumer spending grows. Single Location Full-Service Restaurants in the US: Market Research Report, IBISWorld, Report Snapshot



  • Full-Service Restaurants (Country Reports)
  • Restaurants and Bars (Country Reports)
  • Hotels and Restaurants (Country Reports)
  • Understanding Global Restaurant Delivery (Nov ’18)
  • Virtual Restaurants: Challenges, Opportunities and the Road Ahead (June ’17)
  • NRA Show 2017: Three Key Restaurant Technology Trends (May ’17)
  • Click and Collect: What Restaurants Can Learn From Retailing’s Hottest Omnichannel Trend (Jan ’17)



  • Fast-food Restaurants in the US (Oct ’18)
  • Burger Restaurants in the US (Oct ’18)
  • Full Service Restaurants in China (Sept ’18)
  • Buffet Restaurants in the US (Aug ’18)
  • Korean Restaurants in the US (July ’18)
  • Chain Restaurants in Australia (July ’18)
  • Fast-food Restaurants in China (July ’18)
  • Single Location Full-Service Restaurants in the US (June ’18)
  • Chain Restaurants in the US (June ’18)
  • Pizza Restaurants & Takeaway in Australia (June ’18)
  • Cafes & Restaurants in New Zealand (May ’18)
  • Pizza Restaurants in the US (Mar ’18)
  • Restaurants in Australia (Mar ’18)
  • Restaurant Construction (Feb ’18)
  • Mexican Restaurants in the US (Dec ’17)
  • Sushi Restaurants in the US (Nov ’17)
  • Italian Restaurants in the US (Oct ’17)


  • Full-Service Restaurants Industry (NAICS 722511). United States Full-Service Restaurants Industry Report 2019
  • Full-Service Restaurants Industry (NAICS 722511) Worldwide Full-Service Restaurants Industry Report 2017

Marketline (Country Reports)

  • Foodservice


  • Pizza and Italian Restaurants UK (Nov ’18)
  • Burgers Go Premium in Brazil (Nov ’18)
  • Restaurant Decision Making Process US (Oct ’18)
  • Restaurant Breakfast and Brunch Trends US (Sept ’18)
  • Burger and Chicken Restaurants UK (Sept ’18)
  • Full Service Restaurants Ireland (July ’18)
  • Fast Casual Restaurants US (Feb ’18)

Plimsoll (UK Market)

  • Chinese Restaurants
  • Indian Restaurants
  • Pizza Restaurants & Shops
  • Seafood Restaurants
  • Spanish Restaurants
  • Restaurants
  • Restaurants (London)
  • Restaurants (North London)


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