Ice cream consumers are now looking for more options when visiting the frozen desserts aisle. In recent years ice-cream and frozen desserts have changed their function, by introducing low calorie, sugar free, dairy free alternatives.

Added health benefits have even made an impact in the ice -pops and ice cream market, by introducing vegetable flavours and introducing the use of oats in the dairy free alternative. Some of the big players in the ice cream market launched vegan /plant-based versions of their best sellers. On the other end of the scale, alcohol inspired ice creams are creating expectations of indulgence.

Seeing how the ice cream and frozen desserts market has evolved in recent times, gives new companies a chance to introduce innovative alternatives to the traditional ice cream market.

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  • Free From in US/UK/Ireland (June 2019)
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IBISworld (US market)

  • Ice cream Production in the US (Dec 2018
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  • Soy and Almond Milk Production in the US (Feb 2019)

IBISworld (Australia market)

  • Soy and almond milk production in Australia (July 2018)
  • Ice-cream Manufacturing in Australia (May 2019)
  • Ice cream stores in Australia (Aug 2018)

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  • Europe; Ice cream (June 2018)
  • North America Ice cream (June 2018)
  • Asia Pacific Ice cream (June 2018)


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New Nutrition Business

  • Low sugar promise for “everyday” ice cream- June 2019
  • Have your ice-cream or vegetables too-Sept 2018
  • Mondelez boost for probiotic gut health brand- Jul 2019
  • Plant based sales soar on new frontier- Feb 2019


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