The lack of an innovative culture is an obstacle to digital business success” (Gartner 2021)

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BCC Research

  • Impact of Unicorn Companies: Inhibit or Stimulate Competition? (February, 2020)


  • Culture Crush: Design Your Roadmap for a Culture of Innovation (July,2021)
  • Hype Cycle for Innovation Management Techniques, 2021 (July 2021)
  • Foster a Culture of Innovation Using a Two-Layered Roadmap (December, 2020)


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  • The Coronavirus Era: Innovation and the New Core – The Rise of the “Work From Home” Consumer (Sept, 2020)

Frost &Sullivan

  • Innovative Business Models Powering the Telehealth Market in Europe (February, 2021)
  • BPO Company Culture, 2019 (June, 2019)

ProQuest/ABI Inform

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Databases such as BvD Orbis and Kompass can be used to find company information and to create lists of companies in all sectors. This allows you to search competitors and key players in the market.

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