“Both onshore and offshore wind installations are increasing steadily worldwide, which is expected to drive demand for CASE products in the next few years. For instance, in the United States, an estimated 35,000 megawatts of additional capacity is projected in the near future.” Frost & Sullivan  

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Frost & Sullivan 

  • The Global Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Market in the Wind Energy Industry is being Driven by Government Incentives and Initiatives (Jan 2021) 
  • 2020 Energy R&D Trends and Future Focus Areas of Global Research Institutes (Dec 2020) 
  • Demand for More Efficient and Maintenance-free Equipment Directing the Global CASE Market in Renewable Energy Applications (Dec 2020) 
  • Innovation in Turbine Capacity and Regulations to Impel the APAC Offshore Wind Turbine Market Until 2025 (Dec 2020) 
  • Global Renewable Energy Inverters Market, Forecast to 2026 (Apr 2020) 
  • Global Wind Turbine Materials Market, Forecast to 2026 (Mar 2020) 

BCC Research 

  • Polyester Resin: Global Markets (Nov 2020) 
  • Turbine and Turbine Generator Set Units Manufacturing Investment Competitor Outlook 2020: Covid 19 Impact and Recovery (Nov 2020) 

IBISWorld (UK)  

  • Wind Power Generation in the UK (Aug 2020) 

IBISWorld (US)

  • Wind Power in the US (Aug 2020) 
  • Wind Turbine Manufacturing in the US (Jun 2020) 
  • Wind Turbine Installation in the US (Apr 2020) 

IBISWorld (Aus) 

  • Wind and Other Electricity Generation in Australia (Oct 2020) 
  • Wind Farm Construction in Australia (Oct 2020) 


  • Germany Renewables Report – Q1 2021 
  • United States Renewables Report – Q1 2021 
  • Brazil Renewables Report – Q1 2021 
  • Denmark Renewables Report – Q1 2021 
  • Sweden Renewables Report – Q1 2021 
  • France Renewables Report – Q1 2021 
  • Canada Renewables Report – Q1 2021 


  • UK Wind Turbine Manufacturers; Suppliers & Installers Industry Overview 
  • UK Onshore Wind Farms Industry Overview 
  • UK Offshore Wind Farms Industry Overview 


  • Energy in China (Oct 2020) 
  • Energy in Spain (Aug 2020) 
  • Energy in Germany (Aug 2020) 


  • Global – Power Generation (Oct 2020) 
  • France – Power Generation (Oct 2020) 
  • North America- Power Generation (Oct 2020) 
  • India – Power Generation (Oct 2020)

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