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Consumer electronics market for smart displays should grow from $87.2 billion in 2021 to $179.2 billion by 2026 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.5% for the period of 2021-2026.

Report Highlights, Smart Displays: Global Markets (May 2021), BCC


  • Smart Displays: Global Markets (May 2021)
  • Transparent Conductive Films: Technologies and Global Markets (June 2020)
  • Stress Management Industry: Global Trends (Feb 2020)
  • Medical Wearables: Beyond FitBit (October 2019)
  • Wearable Medical Devices: Technologies and Global Markets (Feb 2019)
  • Global Market for Semiconductor Batteries (January 2019)
  • Wearable Computing: Technologies, Applications and Global Markets (June 2018)


Frost and Sullivan

  • Innovations And Growth Opportunities In Drug Delivery Platforms, Digital Therapeutics, And Fluorescence Imaging (April 2021)
  • Growth Opportunities In Wearable Optical Sensors, Gas Sensors, Tactile Sensors, And Moisture Sensors (March 2021)
  • Data Monetization Drives Innovative Business Models in the Global MedTech Industry ( March 2021)
  • Competitive Intensity Driving Healthcare Focus in the Global Consumer Wearables Market (Dec 2020)
  • Innovations in Digital Health, Wound Care, Wearable Devices, and Medical Imaging (June 2019)



  • Wearable Electronics (by country)



  • Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2021 (October 2020)
  • Hype Cycle for Digital Workplace Infrastructure and Operations, 2020 (August 2020)
  • Digitalization Calls for a Modern Approach to Classifying Endpoints (July 2020)
  • Critical Capabilities for Multiexperience Development Platforms (July 2020)
  • Manage Social Distancing and Contact Tracing With Location-Aware Technologies and Devices (June 2020)
  • Cool Vendors in Life Sciences (May 2020)
  • Use Wearable Technology to Enhance Frontline Worker Productivity: Field Service Management (Nov 2019)



  • United States – Consumer Electronics Retail (Feb, 2021)
  • Canada – Consumer Electronics Retail (Feb, 2021)


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