The global electric vehicle (EV) market worth an estimated $224.9 billion in 2018 and is projected to reach $550.4 billion by 2024. This market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 16.4% between 2019 and 2024. BCC Research: Electric Vehicles and Fuel Cell Vehicles: Global Markets

Frost & Sullivan

  • Transformation of Electric Vehicle Charging Technologies and Charging Infrastructure (February,2021)
  • Profiles of Key Electric Vehicle (EV) Manufacturers Making an Impact on the Indian Market (February,2021)
  • The Race to Develop Autonomous Capabilities Drives the US Defense Vehicles Market (February,2021)
  • Technology Innovation Driving the Transformation of the US Electric Commercial Vehicle Market (January,2021)
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Regulation Overview in Key European Markets 2020 (January,2021)
  • Evolution of Electric Vehicles Transforming the Global Automotive Lubricants Industry (January,2021)
  • Strategic Analysis of the Electric Vehicle Market in Norway (December,2020)
  • Frost Radar™: Global Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Market, 2020 (November,2020)
  • Transitory Trends in the Electric Vehicle Ecosystem in the United States, 2025 (October,2020)
  • Strategic Analysis of the Global Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) Market, Forecast to 2025 (August,2020)
  • COVID-19 Growth Impact Assessment For the Commercial Vehicle Industry (August,2020)
  • Strategic Collaborations Towards Technology Development Transforming The Global Fuel Cell Vehicles Market, 2020–2030 (August,2020)
  • Global Light Commercial Vehicle Market Outlook, 2020 (June,2020)
  • Global Vehicle Leasing Market Outlook, 2020 (June,2020)
  • Strategic Analysis of Electric Vehicle (EV) Direct Current (DC) Charging Infrastructure, 2020 (June,2020)
  • Global Electric Vehicle Market Outlook, 2020 (May,2020)
  • COVID-19 Growth Impact Assessment For the Commercial Vehicle Industry (May,2020)
  • Autonomous Car and Electric Vehicle Growth Opportunities in the Test and Measurement Market, Forecast to 2025 (March,2020)
  • Into the Fast Lane with AI: Driving the Future of Mobility (March,2020)
  • Global Electric Motors and Electric Drives Market Outlook, 2020 (March,2020)

BCC Research

  • Global Markets for Automotive Sensor Technologies (November,2020)
  • Future Cars (September,2020)
  • Motor Vehicles Market Global Briefing 2020: Covid-19 Impact and Recovery (June,2020)
  • Large and Advanced Battery Technology and Markets (May,2020)
  • The Future of Electric Vehicles (April,2020)


  • Hype Cycle for Automotive Technologies, 2020 (July,2020)


  • Europe – Hybrid & Electric Cars (April,2020)
  • Global – Hybrid & Electric Cars (April,2020)
  • North America – Hybrid & Electric Cars (April,2020)
  • Scandinavia – Hybrid & Electric Cars (April,2020)
  • China – Hybrid & Electric Cars (April,2020)
  • United States – Hybrid & Electric Cars (April,2020)
  • Japan – Hybrid & Electric Cars (April,2020)
  • Canada – Hybrid & Electric Cars (April,2020)
  • Asia-Pacific – Hybrid & Electric Cars (April,2020)
  • United Kingdom- Hybrid & Electric Cars (April,2020)

IBISWorld (UK)

  • Motor Vehicle Manufacturing in the UK (October,2020)

IBISWorld (US)

  • Car & Automobile Manufacturing in the US (August,2020)

IBISWorld (Australia,NZ,China)

  • Motor Vehicle Electrical Services in Australia (August,2020)
  • Automotive Industry in Australia (August,2020)
  • Automobile Manufacturing in China (September,2020)

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