“Over the last year, a new $1.1 billion category of tech emerged with the purpose of helping women understand their health and well-being better than ever before: Femtech” (BCC June 2019).


Enterprise Ireland clients can access the Market Research Centre and view a range of reports analysing the Femtech market.

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  • Femtech: Empowering Women’s Health (June 2019)


Frost and Sullivan

  • Medical Device Innovations furthering Femtech (June 2019)


  • 2019 Predictions of the Global Life Sciences Industry (March 2019)


  • Global Digital Health Maternal and Infant Care Solutions Market Leaders, Innovators and Start-ups 2018, (May 2018)


  • Growth Insights on the US In vitro Fertilization Market 2018 (May 2019)



  • The Femtech Gold Rush by Donna Lu. New Scientist 06/01/2019 Vol 242 Issue 3232 p.20-21


Marketlines database can also be used to search for articles on different sectors for the Femtech market.

Enterprise Ireland clients wishing to view any of the above reports can contact the Market Research Centre at market.research@enterprise-ireland.com to make an appointment.

The Market Research Centre is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. Clients can view the list of databases the Market Research Centre has access to here.

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