The market for IT/OT security services in smart buildings is predicted to hit $897.6 million by 2022, reaching a high compound annual growth rate of 24.6% from 2019, The Future of Smart Buildings—Top 10 Growth Opportunities in the Global Building Automation Market, Frost & Sullivan

BCC Research

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Frost & Sullivan

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Fitch Solutions

  • Internet Of Things: The Industry Connection (Apr 2021)
  • China’s 14th Five-Year Plan Exploring The Impact On Sectors (Apr 2021)
  • Advances in the Diabetes Devices Market (Dec 2020)
  • Industries Will Lead The 5G Revolution (Oct 2020)


  • Where Retailers Should Make their Technology Investments in 2021 and Beyond (Feb 2021)
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  • Software Publishing in the US (Mar 2021)
  • Personal Finance & Money Management Software Developers in the US (Mar 2021)
  • Medical & Dental Instrument Manufacturing in the UK (Mar 2021)
  • Generic Pharmaceutical Manufacturing in the US (Feb 2021)
  • Wireless Telecommunications Carriers in Canada (Feb 2021)
  • Transmission Line Construction in the US (Dec 2020)


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