Asia Pacific is home to more than half the world’s population and will account for more than 60% of the global middle class in the coming years.Already, more than 600 Irish companies do business in this fast-growing region with exports more than doubling over the last four years.Accessibility of Asia Pac markets are increasing in line with the increasing capability and rising ambition levels of Irish companies. If this a new market that you are entering or want to expand in , the Market Research Centre offers Enterprise Ireland clients access to  Asia Pacific premium market research reports. Carrying out market research allows you to explore new opportunities, view competitors, scope out consumer trends and get a clearer picture of how your company might be a success in this region.

Along with viewing country and sector reports, you can also download bespoke lists, which are useful when targetting companies and making new contacts in this region. You can filter lists by country, turnover, industry, credit score and employee size. Below we have put together a sample list of the latest reports under each of the sectors that are quite prominent in the Asia Pac region. These reports are from world class business intelligence databases which aren’t available on the world wide web and will give you the best insights into your Asia Pacific research. If you wish to view these reports in more detail or research other sectors, contact us on +1-7272324 or on with your request and our information specialists book you into our research centre in Dublin , or in any one of our 8 regional research hubs.

A full list of our business intelligence database resources can be viewed here.


Below are some of reports available that look at the Asia Pacific region;

Financial Services

  • Financial Cards & Payments in Asia Pacific, Euromonitor, Mar 2019
  • Finance and Banking in Australia, China, New Zealand , IbisWorld, Jan 2019
  • Investment Banking and Brokerage in Asia Pacific, Marketline, Jan 2019
  • Insurance in Asia Pacific, Marketline, Oct 2018
  • Banks in Asia Pacific, Marketline, April 2018


Digital Technology

  • Magic quadrant for managed security services, Worldwide, Gartner, May 2019
  • Asia Pacific Internet of Things (IoT)Perspective 2019, Frost & Sullivan, May 2019
  • Mobile Phones in Asia Pacific, Marketline, May 2019
  • Asia-Pacific Managed Security Services Market, Forecast to 2022, Frost & Sullivan, May 2019
  • Asia- Pacific IT-Services, Marketline, Apr 2019
  • Digital Advertising in Asia Pacific, Marketline, Apr 2019
  • Asia Pacific Cloud workload security industry guide, Frost & Sullivan, Apr 2019
  • Asia-Pacific Switchgear Market, Forecast to 2025, Frost & Sullivan, Mar 2019
  • Asia Pacific Mobile Services Market, Frost & Sullivan, Apr 2019
  • Artificial intelligence applications and use cases in Asia Pacific, 2018, Frost & Sullivan, Jan 2019
  • Magic quadrant for managed workplace services, Asia Pacific, Gartner, Jan 2019
  • Telecommunication Country Reports, China, New Zealand, Australia, Ibisworld, 2019
  • Telecoms Country Report China, GlobalComms, 2019 – similar reports available for other Asia Pacific countries



  • Airlines in Asia Pacific, Marketline, April 2019
  • Aerospace and Defense in Asia Pacific, Marketline, Dec 2018
  • Assessment of the Business Aviation Landscape in East Asia, Frost & Sullivan, May 2019
  • Australia International Airlines, Domestic Airlines, IbisWorld, March 2019
  • Business Aviation in Southeast Asia, Forecast to 2022, Frost & Sullivan, Jan 2019
  • Airlines in Australia, Euromonitor Passport, Nov 2018– similar reports available for other Asia Pacific countries
  • Asia-Pacific Airline Market Review, Flight Global, Sept 2018



  • China, India Healthcare providers, Marketline, May 2019
  • Asia Medical Devices Key View, BMI/ESPICOM, Mar 2019
  • Pharmaceuticals in India, Euromonitor Passport, Mar 2019 – similar reports available for Japan, China, South Korea, Australia, and Indonesia
  • Asia Pacific Healthcare Outlook 2019, Frost & Sullivan, Mar 2019
  • Asia-Pacific Pharmaceuticals, Marketline, Mar 2019
  • Australia Health Care and Social Assistance, IbisWorld, Mar 2019


International Education

  • Educational Services Market Global Briefing 2019, BCC Research, May 2019
  • Market Guide for Higher Education Student Information Systems, Gartner, May 2019
  • Colleges and Universities in China, IbisWorld, Feb 2019
  • Education and Training in Australia, IbisWorld, Nov 2018
  • Education in China, Australia, Euromonitor, Nov 2018



  • 2019 Outlook of the Global Agriculture and Nutrition Industry, Frost & Sullivan, 2019
  • Digital Transformation in the Australian Agriculture Sector, Forecast to 2022, Frost & Sullivan, 2019
  • World Markets for Fermentation Ingredients, BCC Research, Jun 2019
  • Agriculture, Construction and Mining Machinery Manufacturing Global Market Briefing, BCC Research, May 2019
  • Asia Pacific Agricultural Products, Marketline, Sept 2018
  • Cool Vendors in IoT Platforms in Agriculture, Gartner, Aug 2018



  • Construction Market Global Briefing 2019, BCC Research, May 2019
  • Building Construction Market Global Briefing, BCC Research, May 2019
  • Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction Global Market Briefing, BCC Research, May 2019
  • Machinery for Construction, Mining & Quarrying in India, Euromonitor Passport, May 2019 – similar reports available for Japan, China, South Korea, and Indonesia
  • Construction in India, Euromonitor Passport, May 2019 – similar reports available for Japan, China, Indonesia, South Korea.
  • Asia-Pacific Energy and Environment Industry Outlook, Frost & Sullivan, April 2019
  • Asia-Pacific Civil Engineering, Marketline, Dec 2018



Enterprise Ireland clients can view any of the reports listed above by contacting the Market Research Centre. The Centre is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. To make an appointment or if you have any queries, feel free to contact us at

Note: All databases are subject to copyright which will be explained to all clients on their visit. The use of cameras and USBs is not permitte