“Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory skin disorder affecting around 2–4% of the world’s population” Psoriasis Market and Forecast Analysis to 2022, Datamonitor


Enterprise Ireland clients can access Datamonitor Healthcare’s in-depth analysis of the Psoriasis and Atopic Dermatitis market. The report covers various aspects of the market including;

  • Treatment of the Disease
  • Marketed and Pipeline Drugs
  • Forecast
  • Epidemiology.


Clients can view the latest industry briefs and industry trend analyses of the diabetes market with BMI/Espicom. With the MedTrack database, clients can search research and development spending and view company details and financials.

Further you research with some of the following reports available from our various resources.

BCC Research

  • Skin Disease Treatment Technologies and Global Markets
  • Photomedicine: Technologies and Global Markets


  • Psoriasis and Skin Cancer. By. Kronemyer, Bob. Dermatology Times. May2017 Vol. 38 Issue 5
  • New Systemic Psoriasis Treatments Keep Raising Bar. By. Jesitus, John. Dermatology Times. Jun2017 Vol. 38 Issue. 6
  • Atopic Dermatitis Pipeline. By. Kronemyer, Bob. Dermatology Times. May2017 Vol. 38 Issue 5
  • Novel Topical Treatment Approved for Atopic Dermatitis. By. Tanzi, Maria G. Pharmacy Today. Feb2017 Vol. 23 Issue. 2
  • Impact of Childhood AD. By. Kronemyer, Bob. Dermatology Times. May2017 Vol. 38 Issue 5

Frost & Sullivan

  • Recent Advances in Biopharmaceutical Technologies


Clients who wish to view the reports or have any queries can contact the Market Research Centre at market.research@enterprise-ireland.com. Clients can view the list of resources the Market Research Centre has available at this link.


Important note: All databases are subject to copyright which will be explained to clients on their visit. The use of cameras and USBs in the Centre is strictly prohibited.

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