“The global orphan drugs market should reach $315.6 billion by 2024 from $127.5 billion in 2017 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.8% for the forecast period of 2017 to 2024.” BCC Research – ROI in Pharmaceutical R&D: How to Halt the Decline

BCC Research
• Nanotechnology in Cancer Treatment (March 2020)
• Hyperkalemia Market: A BCC Research Perspective (February 2020)
• Medical Affairs: The Roadmap to 2025 (February 2020)
• Top 5 Generic Opportunities in Pharmaceuticals to Watch in 2019: Perspective for the Future (January 2020)
• ROI in Pharmaceutical R&D: How to Halt the Decline (January 2020)

Frost & Sullivan
• Technological Advances in Digital Healthcare, Coronavirus Research, and Global Life Sciences Industries (February 2020)
• EU Healthcare Predictions and Outlook, 2020 (February 2020)
• Growth Insights on China’s Pharmaceutical Industry, Forecast to 2025 (January 2020)
• Novel Enzyme Technologies for Pharmaceutical Applications (December 2019)
• Global Analytical Instrumentation Market in Pharmaceuticals, Biopharmaceuticals, and Nutraceuticals, Forecast to 2025 (October 2019)

• Market Spotlight: Celiac Disease (February 2020)
• Biosimilars in the US and Europe (June 2019)
• Top 10 Best-Selling Drugs of 2018 Fund US and EU Pharma R&D (May 2019)
• A Decade in Review: Oncology Trial Benchmarks and Sponsor Analysis (April 2019)
• Gene Therapy Pipeline and Portfolio Analysis (April 2019)

• The Evolution of Healthcare Consumer Engagement Hub Architecture (February 2020)
• An Assessment of Global Regulations Across the Healthcare Value Chain Requiring Track and Trace With Serialization (February 2020)
• Healthcare Business Driver: Medical Innovations in Therapy, Diagnosis and Care Delivery (January 2020)
• IT Key Metrics Data 2020: Industry Measures —Pharmaceuticals, Life Sciences and Medical Products Analysis (December 2019)
• Supply Chain Benchmarking Data Reveals Differences Between Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Manufacturers (November 2019)

• Understanding Consumers’ Behaviour-Led Habits in Health and Nutrition (February 2020)
• Where Consumers Shop for Consumer Health (January 2020)
• What to Expect in the 2019/2020 Cold and Flu Season (December 2019)
• World Market for Consumer Health Products (October 2019)

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