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The global clinical next-generation sequencing (NGS) market reached $2.7 billion in 2016. This market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 27%, from nearly $3.2 billion in 2017 to $10.5 billion by 2022. Next-generation Sequencing: Emerging Clinical Applications and Global Markets, Report Highlight, BCC Research.


Frost & Sullivan

  • Growth Opportunities in the European Next-generation Sequencing Informatics Market, Forecast to 2021
  • Transformation and Growth Opportunities in the US Next-generation Sequencing Informatics Market, Forecast to 2021
  • European Next-generation Sequencing Services Market, Forecast to 2023
  • US Next-generation Sequencing Services Market
  • Global Clinical Next-generation Sequencing Market (2015)
  • 2016 Global Survey on Clinical Next-generation Sequencing
  • Next-generation Sequencing (NGS) Technology – Overview

BCC Research

  • Next-generation Sequencing: Emerging Clinical Applications and Global Markets
  • DNA Sequencing: Emerging Technologies and Applications
  • The Chinese Market for DNA Sequencing


  • DNA and DNA Forensic Laboratories


  • Next-Generation Sequencing-Based Approaches for Mutation Mapping and Identification in Caenorhabditis elegans. By. Doitsidou, Maria; Jarriault, Sophie; Poole, Richard J. Genetics Oct2016 Vol. 204 Issue. 2
  • Microbial Profiling of South African Acid Mine Water Samples Using Next Generation Sequencing Platform. By. Kamika, I.; Azizi, S.; Tekere, M. Applied Microbiology & Biotechnology Jul2016 Vol. 100 Issue. 13


  • Precision Medicine and the Future of Healthcare

Proquest ABI/Inform

  • Diagnostics Focus – June 2017


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