“Sustainability trends such as prefabrication construction, sustainable construction, and green building are likely to revolutionize the conventional building construction sector, and consequently, disrupt the way business is done.” Frost and Sullivan 

AMA Research  

  • Panelised Modular Building Systems Market Report – UK 2020-2024 (November,2020) 
  • Prefabricated Volumetric Building Systems Market Report- UK 2020-2024 (July,2020) 
  • Bathroom and Kitchen Pods Market – UK 2020-2024 (April,2020) 
  • Modular Floorcoverings Market Reports – UK 2019-2023 (February,2020) 

Frost and Sullivan 

  • Business Model Innovations in the Building Construction Industry, 2020 (June,2020) 
  • Global Homes and Buildings (H&B) Industry Outlook, 2020 (March,2020) 
  • Global Modular and Prefabricated Buildings Market, Forecast to 2025 (October,2019)
  • The Impact of Environmental Certification Schemes on the Construction Industry in Sweden and Denmark, 2018 (March,2019) 

IBISWorld (US) 

  • Prefabricated Home Manufacturing in the US (September,2020) 

IBISWorld (Australia/NZ) 

  • Heavy Industry and Other Non-Building Construction in Australia (February,2020) 
  • Prefabricated Wooden Building Manufacturing in Australia (February,2020) 
  • Prefabricated Metal Building Manufacturing in Australia (November,2019) 


  • Modular & Portable Buildings Industry 

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