“Consumers are prioritizing gut health solutions because research is increasingly linking gut health and the microbiome to a variety of benefits, including improving mental health and skin health”

‘Gut health is todays hot health issue’ Mintel Feb 2019


  • Gut Health is Today’s Hot Health Issue- Feb 2019
  • Patent Activity Boosted by the Gut Brain Health Link- Mar 2019
  • Total Wellbeing May 2019
  • Ingredients to Watch 2019, Feb 2019
  • Weight Management Report, Dec 2018

BCC Research

  • Global Microbiome Sequencing Market (Upcoming Report) June 2019
  • Microbial Products: Technologies, Applications and Global Markets, August 2018

Frost & Sullivan:

  • Microbiome Technologies Fueling Human Health and Wellness, Dec 2018
  • Global; Technology Innovation Award – Autism and Parkinson’s Disease Microbiome-based Therapeutics, Dec 2018
  • Digital Innovations Creating an Immersive Environment for Health Monitoring, Sept 2018
  • 2018 Top Technologies in Health and Wellness, Apr 2018


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