The global market for medical devices technologies reached nearly $521.2 billion in 2017 and should reach $674.5 billion by 2022, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.3% for the period of 2017-2022.” Medical Devices: Technologies and Global Markets, Report Highlight, BCC Research, Mar2018


The Market Research Centre is an Enterprise Ireland service offering clients access to a wide range of market, sector and company reports. Enterprise Ireland clients can view the below list of reports analysing the medical devices market globally.


BCC Research

  1. Wearable Medical Devices: Technologies and Global Markets
  2. Medical Devices: Technologies and Global Markets
  3. Global Markets for Emerging Medical Device Technologies


  1. “3D Printing: Speeds Development of New Materials for Medical Devices” by Pickett, Leah. Quality Mar2018. Vol. 57 Issue 3
  2. “The Most Challenging Compliance Arena in Health Care: Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Manufacturing2 by. Ogrosky, Kirk; Shuren, Allison W. Journal of Healthcare Compliance. Jul/Aug2017. Vol. 19 Issue 4
  3. “A New Choice for Marketing Mode of Medical Devices: Mobile Phone Media” by Yu Kui. Journal of Commercial Biotechnology, 2017. Vol. 23 Issue 3.
  4. “Securing IoT Medical Devices  Are We There Yet?” by Baum, Felix, Electronic Design, Apr 2017, Vol 65 Issue 4

Frost & Sullivan

  1. 2018 Top Technologies in Medical Devices & Imaging
  2. Global Hospital-based Medical Device Conenctivity Market, Forecast to 2022
  3. Innovations in Medical Device Technologies
  4. The Emerging Business-to-Consumer Medical Device Market
  5. Innovations in Medical Devices in Bioelectronics
  6. Top Technologies in Medical Devices and Imaging, 2017
  7. Global Medical Device Industry Snapshots, 2017
  8. Medical Device Innovations in Bionics


  1. Exposing the Security Risks of Medical Devices
  2. Top Three Security and Privacy Impacts of Connected Medical Devices on Healthcare Providers
  3. Hype Cycle for Wearable Devices, 2017
  4. Cool Vendors in Personal Devices, 2017

To find information on the US Medical Devices Market, clients can access IBISWorld’s Medical Device Manufacturing report.

To find information on the UK market, clients can access Plimsoll’s Medical Devices report.

Through ProQuest, clients can access Business Monitor International’s reports on Medical Device Industry, Medical Technology, and Medical Equipment.

BMI/Espicom has Medical Devices reports on individual countries available. Marketline’s ‘Healthcare Equipment’ reports also mention medical devices and give an analysis of the broader market.


  • Top Countries to Drive Medical Device Manufacturing



To view these reports or for more information, contact the Market Research Centre at The MRC is open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm.

Important Note: All databases are subject to copyright which will be explained at your appointment. The use of cameras and USBs is prohibited.


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