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Performing an instrumental role within the overall water transportation sector, the Marine Salvage Services industry is involved in the salvaging, patching and the refloating of grounded vessels. Over the past five years, the industry has experienced moderate growth, as a result of increased incident totals. Marine incidents may be the result of grounding, mechanical breakdown, fire, collision and weather.- Marine Salvage Services, IBISWorld


Frost and Sullivan
• Emerging Robotic Technologies for Marine Applications
• Specially Developed Robots for the Marine Industry – Advanced Manufacturing TOE
• Opportunity Analysis for Suppliers in the Marine Pumps Market, Forecast to 2023
• Coating Innovations for Energy, Marine, and Defense Applications
• Nanotechnology Innovations for Marine Applications – Nanotech TOE


IBISWorld (US Market Reports)
• Stevedoring & Marine Cargo Handling in the US
• Aircraft, Marine & Railroad Transportation Equipment Wholesaling in the US
• Marine Salvage Services


Marketline (Industry Reports)
• Marine Freight


Plimsoll (UK Reports)
• Marine & Offshore Training
• Marine Contractors
• Marine Equipment


Analysis and Selection of Marine Engineering Equipment Manufacturing Industry Developing Strategy Based on Diamond Model – Take Guangdong Province as an Example By: Hongyan Liao; Xiaoqi Chen; Zilu Huang; Hanmin Qiao. International Journal of Economics & Finance. Apr2017, Vol. 9 Issue 4


Marine Tourism in the South East of Russia: The State and Development Tendencies By: Derkacheva, Ludmila Nikolaevna; Kosolapov, Alexander Borisovish; Galenko, Elena Vasilevna; Makartseva, Elena Vladimirovna. International Review of Management & Marketing (IRMM). 2016, Vol. 6 Issue 4


Formation and distribution characteristics of Proterozoic-Lower Paleozoic marine giant oil and gas fields worldwide. By: Xiao-Ping Liu; Zhi-Jun Jin; Guo-Ping Bai; Ming Guan; Jie Liu; Qing-Hua Pan; Ting Li; Yu-Jie Xing. Petroleum Science. May2017, Vol. 14 Issue 2


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