“Industry revenue is expected to increase at a compound annual rate of 1.9% over the five years through to 2026 to reach €352.9 million. Renewed growth in global economic activity is expected to support an increase in demand for industry services during the opening of the part of the period. Significant investment in new routes and ports is expected to support sustained growth.” (Sea & Coastal Freight Water Transport in Ireland, IBISWorld).

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  • US DoD Ground and Maritime-based Radar Growth Opportunities, (Aug 2021).
  • Frost Radar™: Global Nanocoatings Technology, (July 2021).
  • Growth Opportunities In Floating Wind Energy Platforms, Sodium-Ion Batteries, and Battery Anode Materials, (July 2021).
  • Growth Opportunities in Microalgae & Biofuel Production, Wastewater Treatment, and Biofertilizers, (June 2021).
  • Growth Opportunities in Hydrogen Blending, Oil Spill Management, and Methane Emissions Detection For The Oil & Gas Industry, (May 2021).
  • Growth Opportunities in 4d Seismic Monitoring, Leak Detection, and Digital Technologies for The Oil & Gas Industry, (April 2021).
  • US DoD Multi-Domain Operations Industry, (April 2021).
  • A Dynamic Threat Landscape Propels the Global Maritime Port Security Market, (April 2021).
  • Growth Opportunities in Oil Spill Detection Technologies, (Jan 2021).

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  • Stevedoring & Marine Cargo Handling, (Aug 2021).
  • Freight Forwarding Brokerages & Agencies, (Aug 2021).
  • Aircraft, Marine & Railroad Transportation Equipment Wholesaling, (May 2021).
  • Boat Dealership and Repair, (Dec 2020).
  • Marine Salvage Services, (Feb 2020).

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  • Environmental Consultants in the UK, (August 2021).
  • Sea & Coastal Freight Water Transport in Ireland, (July 2021).
  • Boat Repair & Maintenance in the UK, (July 2021).
  • Shipbuilding in the UK, (April 2021).
  • Marine Fishing in the UK, (March 2021).
  • Aquaculture in the UK, (March 2021).
  • Sea & Coastal Freight Water Transport in the UK, (Feb 2021).
  • Seafood Processing in the UK, (Nov 2020).

IBISWorld (Australian & China Market).

  • Marine Equipment Retailing in Australia, (July 2021).
  • Marine Sightseeing Tours in Australia, (June 2021).
  • Marine Services in China, (May 2021).
  • Ship Building in China, (Dec 2020).
  • Shipbuilding and Repair Services in Australia, (Dec 2020).
  • Ship Repairing and Conversion in China, (Sept 2020).


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  • Marine Consultants, (Sept 2021).
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  • Marine Equipment, (Sept 2021).


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