The Enterprise Ireland Market Research Centre offers client companies access to market intelligence in the form of company, sector, market and country information needed to explore opportunities and compete in international markets.

Below are just some of the reports analysing the Film and Television market globally.


IbisWorld (US Market)

  • Movie and Video Production
  • Movie Theaters
  • 3D Movie Production
  • Motion Capture Software Developers
  • Video Post-production Services
  • Design, Editing and Rendering Software Publishing
  • Television Broadcasting
  • Television Production
  • Satellite TV Providers
  • Cable Networks
  • Cable Shopping Networks

IbisWorld (China/ AUS / NZ)

  • Cinema in China
  • TV and Broadcasting in China

Plimsoll (UK Benchmarking Reports)

  • Broadcast; Film and Video Equipment
  • Film Animation
  • Film Distributors
  • Film Editing and Post Production
  • TV; Film and Media Production
  • Cinemas


  • Broadcasting and Cable TV (by country)
  • Music and Video (by country)
  • Movies and Entertainment (by country)


  • Home Audio and Cinema
  • Television & Radio Receivers, Sound & Video Recording Devices
  • Mobile Phones, Radio Transmitters & Television Cameras

Frost & Sullivan

  • Global Non-Linear Editing Market, Forecast to 2023
  • Global Media Streaming Devices Forecast to 2024
  • Global Pay TV Encoders Market, Forecast to 2024
  • Overview of Television Broadcast; Pay TV & Video-on-Demand Landscape, Germany
  • Brazilian Pay TV Services Market forecast to 2022

BCC Research

  • TV and Radio Broadcasting Global Market Briefing 2018
  • Film and Video Global Market Briefing 2018
  • Film and Music Global Market Briefing 2018


Company listings are a way of identifying potential customers, collaborators, and competitors. Read our blog on Company Information to see which databases can be used to find information on companies in the Film and Television market. You can also search for articles on EBSCO and ProQuest.


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