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The global market for precision farming technologies totaled nearly $3.3 billion in 2016, and should total $5.9 billion in 2021, a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.4%, through 2021. – BCC Research, Precision Farming Technologies and Global Markets.



  • Agriculture (by Country)


  • Precision Farming Technologies and Global Markets
  • Biopesticides Global Market to 2022

Frost and Sullivan

  • Smart Farming & Internet of Things (IOT) Applications in ASEAN Countries forecast to 2022
  • Analysis of Digitization’s Impact on Farm Mechanization.
  • Global Farm Equipment Market, forecast to 2022.
  • Innovations in Urban Farming
  • ICT Innovations Enabling Smart Farming- IT, Computing and Communications TOE.


  • Farm, Lawn and Garden Equipment Wholesaling in the US.
  • Combine Harvester Manufacturing in the US
  • Tractors & Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing in the US
  • Livestock and other Agriculture Supplies Wholesaling (Aus., NZ)
  • Farming Machinery (China)
  • Farm & Construction Wholesaling (Aus.)
  • Agricultural & Construction Machinery Wholesaling (NZ)


  • Agriculture Products

Plimsoll (UK)

  • Agricultural Machinery
  • Agricultural Supplies
  • Farm Shops


  • Critical Obstacles to Adopt the Organic Farming in Jordan: From Marketing PerspectiveBy: Eneizan, Bilal Mohammed. European Journal of Business & Management. 2017, Vol. 9 Issue 13
  • Sustainable Development in Ethiopia: Effects of Agriculture on Land and Social SustainabilityBy: Alemu, Taye. Journal of Economics & Sustainable Development. 2017, Vol. 8 Issue 5
  • The Competitiveness and Complementarities of Agriculture Trade among ASEAN-5 Countries: An Empirical AnalysisBy: Shaul Hamid, Mohammed Faiz; Aslam, Mohamed. International Journal of Economics & Finance. Aug2017, Vol. 9 Issue 8
  • Digital Agriculture Practices in the Context of Agriculture 4.0By: Ozdogan, Burak; Gacar, Anıl; Aktas, Huseyin. Journal of Economics, Finance & Accounting. 2017, Vol. 4 Issue 2


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