“The “green economy” stimulus packages planned both by the German government and the European Commission, aiming to stimulate the economy following the global recession caused by COVID-19, will lead to substantial investment in green infrastructure and renewable energy capacity.” Utilities and Recycling in Germany – Euromonitor Passport

Frost & Sullivan

  • Europe; Technology Innovation Leadership Award – Automated Composite Manufacturing Industry (7 August)
  • Europe; Technology Innovation Leadership Award – Prescriptive AI for the Autonomous Manufacturing (16 July)
  • Western European Industrial Protective Clothing Market, Forecast to 2024 (6 July)
  • Global Analysis of Power Electronic Market for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles, Forecast to 2025 (30 June)
  • RFID in Airplane Manufacturing and MRO, Forecast to 2025 (21 June)
  • Post-pandemic Growth Opportunity Analysis in the Logistics Industry (1 June)
  • Post-pandemic Growth Opportunity Analysis of the Global Commercial Aircraft Market (18 May)
  • Medical Devices in 2025: An AI Impact Analysis (31 March)
  • COVID-19 Impact Analysis on European Manufacturing Webinar 8th September 2020

IBISWorld (UK)

  • Plastic Packing Goods Manufacturing in the UK (July)
  • Cardboard Packaging & Paper Bag Manufacturing in the UK (July)
  • Sporting Goods Manufacturing in the UK (July)
  • Medical & Dental Instrument Manufacturing in the UK (June)
  • Electronic Component Manufacturing in the UK (June)
  • Clothing Manufacturing in the UK (June)


  • Europe – Control Systems (13 August)
  • France – Paints & Coatings (13 August)
  • Germany – Paints & Coatings (13 August)
  • Europe – Apparel & Non-Apparel Manufacturing (30 June)

Fitch Solutions

  • Belgium Medical Devices Manufacturing (17 August)
  • Spain Medical Devices Manufacturing (12 August)
  • Italy Medical Devices Manufacturing (2 August)


  • Utilities and Recycling in Germany (10 August)
  • Pharmaceuticals and Medical Equipment in Germany (10 August)
  • Hi-tech Goods in France (10 August)
  • Supply Chain Sensitivity Index: Which Manufacturing Industries are Most Vulnerable? (22 July)
  • Coronavirus Impact: How Manufacturing and Service Sectors Adapt to the “New Normal” (23 June)
  • Manufacture and Distribution of Gas in Germany: ISIC 402 (2 June)

BCC Research

  • Future Cars (September)
  • Compound Feeds and Additives: Global Markets (September)
  • Future of Food Manufacturing (Whitepaper) (August)
  • 3D Food Printing (July)
  • Manufacturing and Process Control: Sensors, Relays and Software Markets (July)
  • Wood Products Manufacturing Market Global Briefing 2020: Covid 19 Impact and Recovery (TBRC) (June)


  • Reinvesting in European Manufacturing: COVID-19 has brought to light the issues of European manufacturing capabilities, leading industry to question whether it is now time to reinvest in domestic medicines supply. By: Cordrey, Tony. Pharmaceutical Technology Europe. Aug2020, Vol. 32 Issue 8, p33-35. 3p.
  • Is Drug Production Heading Back to Europe From Abroad? Pandemic sparks call for European manufacturing renaissance. Pharmaceutical Executive Global Digest. Jul2020, Vol. 40 Issue 7, p7-7. 1p.
  • Beyond Meat eyes European growth after buying manufacturing plant. By: Coyne, Andy. Aroq – Just-Food.com (Global News). 6/11/2020, pN.PAG-N.PAG. 1p.

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