“While Coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown restrictions are easing in many markets, many activities, from concerts to bars to cosmetics counters, are likely to remain off-limits for months to come. This is driving a vast shift in spending, creating new opportunities for brands able to reach consumers spending more time than ever at home” Euromonitor – The Coronavirus Era: “Hometainment” and the New Experiential Consumer

• The Coronavirus Era: “The New Normal” – What is here to Stay? (4 Jun 2020)
• Guide to the Alcoholic Drinks Industry Forecast Model with Coronavirus Scenarios (4 Jun 2020)
• The Global State of Online Grocery in 2020 (4 Jun 2020)
• Connected Security: Reasons to Buy and Factors Delaying Consumer Purchase (4 Jun 2020)
• The Coronavirus Era: Innovation and the New Core (3 Jun 2020)
• The Coronavirus Era: “Hometainment” and the New Experiential Consumer (3 Jun 2020)
• The Impact of Coronavirus on Megatrends (3 Jun 2020)
• The Impact of Coronavirus on Indian FMCG Industries (3 Jun 2020)
• Bottled water in Asia pacific (2 Jun 2020)

Frost & Sullivan
• Macroeconomic Growth Opportunities in India, Forecast to 2030 (4 Jun 2020)
• Digital Trends in the Manufacturing Industry, Global, 2019 (3 Jun 2020)
• Global Connected Truck Telematics Outlook, 2020 (3 Jun 2020)
• Post-pandemic Growth Opportunity Analysis in the Logistics Industry (1 Jun 2020)
• Post-pandemic Growth Opportunity Analysis of the Defence Industry (25 May 2020)
• Technology Innovations and Growth Opportunities for Microbiome Technologies, COVID-19 Management, Gene Therapy, and Diabetes Management (22 May 2020)
• Global; New Product Innovation Award – COVID-19 Public Safety Solution (22 May 2020)

• Tool: Template for Briefing Executives or Board of Directors on a Distributed Workforce (4 Jun 2020)
• Midsize Enterprises Should Leverage Free Security Awareness Training During the Pandemic (4 Jun 2020)
• U.S. Healthcare Payer CIOs’ COVID-19 Cost Optimization Action Plan (3 Jun 2020)
• Spend Smarter to Accelerate COVID-19 Recovery and Renewal (3 Jun 2020)
• Procurement Leader Actions in Response to COVID-19: Week of 25 May 2020 (3 Jun 2020)
• Identifying Digital Opportunities During and After the Pandemic (2 Jun 2020)
• Changing Remit During COVID-19 (2 Jun 2020)
• Incentivize and Engage With Digital Tokens to Aid Recovery in a Reset COVID-19 World (1 Jun 2020)
• The CIO’s Guide to Strategic Planning During the COVID-19 Pandemic (1 Jun 2020)
• Cool Vendors in Digital Commerce (1 Jun 2020)
• How CIOs Can Navigate Cost Optimization Amid COVID-19 (28 May 2020)
• Tool: Government Scenarios for COVID-19 Recovery (22 May 2020)

• How will a downturn impact alcohol moderation? (4 Jun 2020)
• Pet food during COVID-19 and beyond (3 Jun 2020)
• COVID-19 has reinvented dining and delivery in LATAM (1 Jun 2020)
• Marketplace Moves: Weekly CPG Retail COVID-19 Update (31 May 2020)
• COVID-19: a catalyst for SEA foodservice retail push (29 May 2020)
• Organic food & drink in post-COVID-19 Europe (25 May 2020)
• COVID-19 fuels strategic packaging opportunities (25 May 2020)


Global – Coronavirus Update: Industry Fast Facts
IBISWorld presents a collection of fast facts that outline how the spread of the coronavirus is impacting sectors in the countries where IBISWorld operates. Read Now


Additional updated reports
• Educational Services in the US (Jun 2020)
• Gas Stations with Convenience Stores in the US (May 2020)
• Supermarkets & Grocery Stores in the US (May 2020)

BCC Research
Check out the latest Whitepapers from BCC Research
• The Future of Anti-Counterfeiting Technology (May 2020)
• The Future of Health Technology Assessment in Pharma (May 2020)
• The Future of Citizen Bioscience (May 2020)
• The Future of 5G Fiber Optics (May 2020)
• The Future of Green Diesel (May 2020)
• The Future of Jobs in Life Sciences (May 2020)
• The Future of Nanotechnology in Cancer Treatment (May 2020)

Fitch Solutions
• Qatar And Covid-19: Impact On Consumer Sector (8 Jun 2020)
• Short- And Longer-Term Impact Of Covid-19 On The Consumer: Sustainability Trend Assessment (8 Jun 2020)
• Short- And Longer-Term Impact Of Covid-19 On The Consumer: Digitalisation Trend Assessment (5 Jun 2020)
• Trends Shaping The Post-Covid-19 Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Market (5 Jun 2020)
• Covid-19: Impact On Global Tourism (4 Jun 2020)
• Short And Longer Term Impact Of Covid-19 On The Consumer: Healthification Trend Assessment (4 Jun 2020)
• China And Covid-19: Impact On Consumer Sector (4 Jun 2020)
• Covid-19: Impact And Opportunities For The Autos Sector (4 Jun 2020)
• Coronavirus Pandemic Will Drive Recession In Dominica (3 Jun 2020)

New Nutrition Business
• Grocery delivery wins and meal kit delivery loses as US consumers tighten purse strings (Jun 2020)
• Local meat delivery app sees Covid surge (Jun 2020)
• Protein comes back, garlic grows in consumers’ online searches (May 2020)
• £1m dairy campaign highlights the importance of human connections (May 2020)

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