“Executive leaders have implemented various digital innovations to respond to the COVID-19 crisis, sometimes within days. Many of these gains are like donut tires: you don’t want to drive too far with them. Executive leaders should now make these hard-won gains more resilient”. Gartner – a Resilience Framework for Fast-Track Innovations

• How Coronavirus is Impacting the FMCG Landscape in South Africa (22 June)
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Frost & Sullivan
• Growth Opportunities in the Desktop and Cordless Phone Market, Forecast to 2026 (23 June)
• COVID-19 Impacts on Telecom and 5G (19 June)
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• Recent Advances Across COVID-19 Management, Microbiomics, Genomics, Transcriptomics, and Proteomics Technologies (19 June)
• Business Model Innovations in the Building Construction Industry, 2020 (17 June)
• The COVID-19 Pandemic’s Impact on the Global Healthcare Personal Protective Equipment Market (17 June)
• Innovations in Wearables, Light-field-based VR Glasses, Antenna, Quantum Computing, Micro-LED, and MPUs (12 June)
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• Global Medium/Heavy-duty Commercial Vehicle Market Outlook, 2020 (9 June)
• Post-Pandemic Growth Opportunity Analysis of the Indian Logistics Industry (8 June)

• COVID-19 Is Part of a Multifactor Crisis That Will Reshape the 2020s (24 June)
• COVID-19: What the Board of Directors Needs to Know — The Midsize Enterprise Perspective (23 June)
• Decision Principles for the Return to the Workplace: 5 Companies Share Their Judgment Calls (18 June)
• Postpandemic Recovery: 4 Sourcing Strategies to Manage Your IT Services Spend (17 June)
• Three Self-Reflection Questions to Help CIOs Revisit Strategy (17 June)
• Postpandemic Scenarios: The Future of Government IT Services (11 June)
• Manage Social Distancing and Contact Tracing With Location-Aware Technologies and Devices (11 June)
• Use a Resilience Framework for Fast-Track Innovations (10 June)
• Resuscitating the Economy: How Industries in China Adopt Technologies to Spur Growth (10 June)
• How CTOs Should Lead in Times of Disruption and Uncertainty (9 June)

• A year of innovation in bottled water, 2020 (23 June)
• A year of innovation in sweet & savoury spreads, 2020 (19 June)
• Driving packaged cheese in the post-COVID-19 recession (19 June)
• COVID-19 to accelerate RTD tea flavour trends (19 June)
• Drinks to address post-COVID-19 lifestyle need states (17 June)
• How COVID-19 impacts consumer behaviour in Food & BPC (12 June)
• Marketplace Moves: Weekly CPG Retail COVID-19 Update (9 June)
• Video: Video adding value with cross-category partnerships (23 June)

• Healthcare and Social Assistance in the US (June 2020)
• Finance and Insurance in the US (June 2020)
• Retail Trade in the US (June 2020)
• Information in the US (June 2020)

BCC Research
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Fitch Solutions
• Covid-19 Impact Weekly Round-Up: Infrastructure, Power & Renewables (26 June)
• Kuwait And Covid-19: Impact On Consumer Sector (26 June)
• Impact Of Covid-19 On The Household Goods And Furniture Industry (25 June)
• Lebanon And Covid-19: Impact On Consumer Sector (25 June)
• Covid-19: Impact On Global Tourism (25 June)
• Romania’s Household Goods Spending To Remain Resilient Despite Covid-19 (24 June)
• What Investors Want to Know : Coronavirus Impact on Asia Pacific-Telecoms (23 June)
• France And Covid-19: Impact On Consumer Sector (23 June)
• Covid-19 Lockdowns To Accelerate E-Commerce Development In Latin America (23 June)

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• “Foodservice is the most exciting part of our outlook when Covid-19 clears” – Andy Shovel, co-founder of UK meat-free brand This, the bitesize interview. By: Best, Dean. Aroq – Just-Food.com (Global News). 5/20/2020, pN.PAG-N.PAG. 1p.

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