“Even though money is a concern due to the economic recession, people’s priorities are changing; purchasing food, especially healthy, good quality food will become a top priority. For example, when asked about expected changes in future spending as a result of the pandemic, 35% of Chinese consumers expect to spend more on food. In addition, 31% of UK consumers agree that as a result of the pandemic, eating healthier has become a higher priority.” Mintel – Organic baby food/milk to be more valued post-COVID-19

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Frost & Sullivan
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BCC Research
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Fitch Solutions
• Brazil Consumer Outlook: 2020 Covid-19 Impact Assessment And 2021 (17 July)
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• Covid-19 Impact Weekly Round-Up: Infrastructure, Power & Renewables (17 July)
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• World Commodity Forecasts Industrial Raw Materials July 2020 (World Commodity Forecasts)

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