Covid19 Beauty and Personal Care

COVID-19 stay-at-home orders forced the closure of non-essential businesses, hurting the supply chain and travel-focused industries the most. The beauty sector, however, managed to stay relatively strong amidst the pandemic closures. Proquest Benzinga: Beauty Sector Looks Promising Amid COVID-19
(May 2020)

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• Benzinga: Beauty Sector Looks Promising Amid COVID-19
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• COVID-19: Beauty’s Playbook
By:Anonymous. Global Cosmetic Industry; New York Vol. 188, Iss. 5, (May 2020)
• COVID-19: Beauty and Personal Care Sales to Decline by Steepest Rate in 60+ Years
By:NASDAQ OMX’s News Release Distribution Channel; New York [New York] (April 2020)
• What Next?
By: Gleason-Allured, Jeb. Global Cosmetic Industry; New York Vol. 188, Iss. 3, (March 2020)
• European Beauty Markets Brace for COVID-19 Impact
By:Weil, Jennifer; Salibian, Sandra; Ma, Fiona. WWD: Women’s Wear Daily; Los Angeles (March 2020)
• How Beauty and Wellness Chains Are Coping With COVID-19
By:Thomas, Ellen; Manso, James. WWD: Women’s Wear Daily; Los Angeles (March, 2020)

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• Makeup (May 2020)
• Skincare (May 2020)
• Suncare (April 2020)
• Fragrances (March 2020)





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