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The Consumer Electronics Stores industry, which largely relies on discretionary purchases of such products, has been plagued by sluggish growth in per capita disposable income and consumer confidence over the past five years – Consumer Electronics Stores in the US: Market Research Report, IBISWorld


Frost & Sullivan
• The Evolving Online Retail Channel in Consumer Electronics in India
• Disruptive Technologies Powering New Age Consumer Electronics
• Assessment of Consumer Electronics and Appliances in India


• Consumer Electronics
• Consumer Appliances
• Large Cooking Appliances
• Food Preparation Appliances
• Refrigeration Appliances


• Consumer Electronics & Appliances Rental in the US
• Online Large Kitchen Appliance Sales
• Consumer Electronics Stores in the US
• Vacuum, Fan & Small Household Appliance Manufacturing in the US
• TV & Appliance Wholesaling in the US


• Domestic Appliances


• The Effect of Brand Equity on Buying Intention of Ultimate Consumer (Case Study: Electric Home Appliances Industry). By: Vazifehdust, Hossein; Pakari, Abolfazl; Ahmadvand, Sohrab. International Journal of Scientific Management & Development. Jul2017, Vol. 5 Issue 7

• The Intermediate Role of Brand Loyalty in the Relationship between Consumer Value and Purchase Intention (Case Study: Consumers of SNOWA Household Appliances in Kermanshah City) By: Ghanbari, Mehrdad; Yasemi, Mehdi; Abasi, Ehsan. International Review of Management & Marketing (IRMM). 2017, Vol. 7 Issue 4

• Estimating Consumer Demand for Country of Origin Labelling: Cross Country Comparisons of German and US Consumer Home Appliances By: Ribberink, Natalia; Washburn, Mark. International Journal of Scientific Management & Development. Jan2017, Vol. 5 Issue 1


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