The industry has a high level of international trade, and faces strong import competition from manufacturers in Asia. The greatest proportion of imports is derived from China, which is expected to account for 27.7% of the industry’s imports in 2021-22. (IBISWorld (UK): Consumer Electronics Manufacturing in the UK)


  • Online Large Kitchen Appliance Sales, (Sept 2021)
  • Vacuum, Fan & Small Household Appliance Manufacturing in the US, (Sept 2021)
  • Electrical Equipment Repair & Maintenance in UK, (Sept 2021)
  • Consumer Electronics Manufacturing in UK, (Aug 2021)
  • Consumer Electronics Stores in the US & Canada, (Jul 2021)
  • Consumer Electronics & Appliances Rental in the US, (Jun 2021)
  • Electronic & Telecommunications Equipment Wholesaling in the UK, (Jun 2021)
  • TV & Appliance Wholesaling in the US, (May 2021)
  • Online Consumer Electronics Sales in Australia, (Dec 2020)


  • Consumer Electronics in (various markets), (Nov 2021)
  • Consumer Appliances in (various markets), (Nov 2021)
  • Large Cooking Appliances (various markets), (Nov 2021)
  • Food Preparation Appliances (various markets), (Nov 2021)
  • Refrigeration Appliances (various markets), (Nov 2021)
  • Corporate Strategies in Consumer Electronics, (Nov 2021)
  • Portable Consumer Electronics in Asia Pacific, (Oct 2021)
  • World Market for Consumer Electronics, (Aug 2021)
  • Luxury Portable Consumer Electronics in the US and other markets, (Aug 2021)


  • Domestic Appliances

Frost & Sullivan

  • Growth Opportunities In Waste-To-Fuel Technologies And Materials For Consumer Electronics, (Nov 2021)
  • Growth Opportunities for Global Plastics in Electrical and Electronic Equipment, (Nov 2021)
  • Global Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) Growth Opportunities, (Sep 2021)
  • COVID-19 Pandemic Accelerates Investment in the Global IT/Consumer Electronics eCommerce Market, (Apr 2021)


  • Italy – Consumer Electronics Retail, (Aug 2021)
  • China – Consumer Electronics Retail, (Aug 2021)
  • Indonesia – Consumer Electronics Retail, (Aug 2021)
  • Pakistan – Consumer Electronics Retail, (Aug 2021)
  • Global – Electrical & Electronics Retail, (Aug 2021)



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