The COVID-19 pandemic caused cloud adoption in China to accelerate in 2020, and we expect this trend to continue. Gartner expects China’s cloud shift rate on CIPS will reach almost 40% in 2024, up from 23.4% in 2020., Market Guide for Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services, China, Gartner. 

Frost and Sullivan 

  • Regulatory and Infrastructure Reforms in India and China Catalyzing the Asian Specialty Generics Market (Feb,2021) 
  • Strong Domestic Demand Strengthens Greater China Hosted/Cloud Center Contact Market, forecast to 2026 (Feb,2021)
  • Frost Radar™: Greater China Web Application Firewall Solutions Market, 2020 (Nov,2020)
  • Capabilities Integration Shaping the Greater China Secure Content Management Market, Forecast to 2024 (Nov,2020)
  • Frost Radar™: Greater China Distributed Denial-of-Service Protection Solutions Market, 2020 (Nov,2020)

Fitch Solutions 

  • China Consumer & Retail Report – Q2 2021
  • China Information Technology Report – Q2 2021
  • China Renewables Report – Q2 2021
  • China Crime and Security Risk Report – Q2 2021
  • China Freight Transport & Shipping Report – Q2 2021
  • China Telecommunications Report – Q2 2021


  • China – Hybrid & Electric Cars (Apr,2021)
  • China – Consumer Electronics Retail (Feb,2021)
  • China – Software (Feb,2021)
  • China – Games Software (Feb,2021)
  • China – Online Retail (Feb,2021)
  • China – BPO Services (Nov,2020)


  • Skin Care in China (Apr,2021)
  • Pet Products in China (Apr,2021)
  • Footwear in China (Feb,2021) 
  • Retailing in China (Feb,2021)
  • Department Stores in China (Feb,2021)
  • Consumer Appliances in China (Jan,2021)

IBISWorld China  

  • Medical Device Manufacturing Industry in China (Dec,2020)
  • Freight Rail Transport Industry in China (Dec,2020)
  • Wind Power Industry in China (Oct,2020)
  • Software Development Industry in China (Oct,2020)
  • Alternative-Fuel Car & Automobile Manufacturing Industry in China (Sept,2020)
  • Automobile Manufacturing Industry in China (Sept,2020)
  • Building Construction Industry in China (Sept,2020)
  • Gym, Health & Fitness Clubs Industry in China (July,2020)


  • Overcome the Challenges of Cross-Border Data Communication Over Internet With China (May,2021)
  • How CIOs Must Leverage the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025) to Succeed in China (Apr,2021)
  • What CIOs Need to Know About China (Apr,2021)
  • Market Guide for Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services, China (Mar,2021)
  • 2021 CIO Agenda: A China Perspective (Dec,2020)

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