The COVID-19 pandemic has the potential to consolidate the biotech market, offering highly competitive opportunities for massive growth in an environment of considerable financial challenge. MarketLine: Global Biotechnology

BCC Research

  • Microbiome Therapeutics: Global Markets (November,2020)
  • Global Markets for Vaccine Technologies (September,2020)
  • 3D Cell Cultures: Technologies and Global Markets (August,2020)
  • Agricultural Biotechnology: Emerging Technologies and Global Markets (April,2020)
  • Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells: Global Markets (February,2020)
  • 2019 Biotechnology Research Review (December,2019)


  • Up-and-Coming Biotechnology Companies Report (September,2020)

Frost and Sullivan

  • Innovations in Microbiome, Small Molecules, Biologics, and Biotech Platforms (June,2019)
  • Mergers and Acquisitions in the Global Life Sciences Industry 2018 (March,2019)


  • Market Guide for Revenue Management in Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology (April,2020)

IBISWorld (US,Aus)

  • Biotechnology in Australia (October,2020)
  • Biotechnology in US (May,2020)
  • Animal Health Biotechnology in US (February,2020)


  • Biotechnology in Europe (June,2020)
  • Biotechnology in Italy (June,2020)
  • Biotechnology in Brazil (June,2020)
  • Biotechnology in Japan (June,2020)
  • Global Biotechnology (June,2020)
  • Biotechnology in Germany (June,2020)
  • Biotechnology in United Kingdom (June,2020)
  • Biotechnology in Asia-Pacific (June,2020)
  • Biotechnology in US (June,2020)
  • Biotechnology in China (June,2020)


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