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Frost and Sullivan

  • Global Autonomous Driving Market Outlook, 2018.Frost & Sullivan. 2018
  • Future of Mass Market and Premium Performance Vehicles, 2025
  • Shifting Business Models and Disruptive New Technologies Create Opportunities for Sustainable Growth in Automotive Aftermarket – Feb 2019
  • Electric and Autonomous Vehicle Incentives in the US, Forecast to 2025
  • CES Automotive and Transportation Highlights, 2019
  • North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) Highlights, 2019
  • Benchmarking Profile of Tesla’s Autonomous Driving Strategy, 2018
  • Impact of Autonomous Trucks on Telematics Services, Forecast to 2035
  • Securing Connected and Autonomous Cars for a Smarter World
  • Global Regulations, Budgeting and Testing for Autonomous Driving (AD) Solutions, 2018
  • Autonomous Vehicle (AV) Evolution in Asia-Pacific, Forecast to 2030



  • 2019 CIO Agenda: Automotive Industry Insights
  • Vendor Rating: Intel
  • Use Scenarios to Plan for the Future of Mobility 2025: The Driving Forces
  • A Framework for Applying AI in the Enterprise
  • Innovation Insight for 5G Networking — Cutting Through the Hype
  • Raise Your Product Innovation Quotient With Edge AI
  • Maverick* Research: Autonomous Mobile Structures Will Fuel the Sharing Economy



  • Industry Profiles: New Cars by Country
  • Case Study: The Future of Autonomous Cars: Driverless cars are emerging but much work remains to achieve commercial success
  • Analyst Comment: Autonomous cars in the driving seat for smart mobility sector
  • 99% of keyless cars vulnerable to a simple hacking technique
  • Volvo self-driving cars green-lit for tests on Swedish public roads
  • Autonomous sports cars: Aston Martin CCO on the “autonomous luxury future”


IBIS World (USA)

  • Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Manufacturing in the US
  • Autonomous Electronic Manufacturing in the US



  • Constrained Control of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Based on Command Optimization and Disturbance Estimation. By: Peng, Zhouhua; Wang, Jiasen; Wang, Jun. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics. May2019, Vol. 66 Issue 5,
  • Risk of automated driving: Implications on safety acceptability and productivity By: Dixit, Vinayak; Xiong, Zhitao; Jian, Sisi; Saxena, Neeraj. Accident Analysis & Prevention. Apr2019, Vol. 125
  • Evaluating the safety impact of connected and autonomous vehicles on motorways.By: Papadoulis, Alkis; Quddus, Mohammed; Imprialou, Marianna. Accident Analysis & Prevention. Mar2019, Vol. 124
  • The autonomous vehicle parking problem.By: Millard-Ball, Adam. Transport Policy. Mar2019, Vol. 75
  • People’s attitudes to autonomous vehicles By: Hudson, John; Orviska, Marta; Hunady, Jan. Transportation Research Part A: Policy & Practice. Mar2019, Vol. 121
  • Willingness to pay for selfdriving vehicles: Influences of demographic and psychological factors.By: Liu, Peng; Guo, Qianru; Ren, Fei; Wang, Lin; Xu, Zhigang. Transportation Research: Part C. Mar2019, Vol. 100




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