Enterprise Ireland clients can access the Market Research Centre and view a range of reports analysing theWindow and Glass market. To view the reports listed below or if you have any queries, contact us at market.research@enterprise-ireland.com. The MRC is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.


Plimsoll (UK Market)

  • Aluminium Window Systems
  • PVCU Window Manufacturers
  • Sash Window Manufacturers
  • Timber Windows
  • Window Cleaning
  • Windows and Doors

Frost & Sullivan

  • Global Smart Windows Market, Forecast to 2021
  • Innovations in Smart and Conencted Windows
  • Smart Windows – Advanced Coatings and Surface Technology TOE
  • Innovations in Smart Glazing
  • Unltra-thin Glass – High Tech Materials TOE
  • Innovations in Borosilicate Glass


  • A Study in Marketing Mix Strategies on the Indian URVC Window Market. By. Subram, K. Satya; Ceo, Dy; Khan, Mohammed Naved; Srivastava, Chetan. International Journal of Research in Commerce & Management. Nov2016. Vol. 7 Issue 11.
  • Materials with Market Value: Global Ceramic & Glass Industry Poised to Reach $1 Trillion. By. Gargliardi, Magareth. American Ceramic Society Bulletin Apr2017. Vol. 96 Issue 3.

BCC Research

  • Coated Flat Glass: Technologies & Global Markets
  • Smart Glass for Augmented Reality Technologies
  • Glass & Glass Product Manufacturing: Global Markets to 2020

AMA Research (UK Market)

  • Door & Window Fabricators UK 2016-2020
  • Domestic Replacement Door & Window Market UK 2016-2020
  • Door & Window Fittings UK 2018-2022
  • Domestic Conservatory & Glazed Extensions UK 2016-2020
  • Domestic Window Coverings UK 2016-2020

IBISWorld (US Market)

  • Sheet Metal, Window & Door Manufacturing
  • Window Installation
  • Window Treatment
  • Glass Product Manufacturing
  • Glass & Glazing Contractors



Company listings are a way of identifying potential customers, collaborators, and competitors. Read our blog on Company Information to see which databases can be used to find information on companies in the Glass and Window market.


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