This industry owns and operates waste treatment or disposal facilities, including waste combustors (waste-to-energy plants), solid waste landfills and compost dumps. Many companies in this industry also provide waste collection and hauling services and are also included in the Waste Collection Services industry. Industry Products, Waste Treatment and Disposal Services in the US, IBISWorld

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• Thermal and Biological Waste-to-Energy Resources


Frost and Sullivan
• Innovations in Waste Management, Bioenergy Extraction and Biodegradation of plastics
• Innovations in Health Care, Waste and Pollution Management and Transportation
• European Hazardous Waste Management Services Market
• European Municipal Waste Management and Recycling Services Market
• Outlook of the Indian Waste Management and Recycling Market, 2017
• Global Waste Recycling Market Outlook, 2017


• Waste Collection Services in the US.
• Waste Treatment and Disposal Services in the US
• Recycling Facilities in the US
• Medical Waste Disposal Services


• Waste Management


• Waste Management
• Clinical and Medical Waste Management
• Hazardous Waste Management
• Organics Recycling
• Aggregate Recycling


New Software for Identification and Evaluation of Environmental and Waste Management in the Companies. By BUCUROIU, Rodica; PETRESCU, Marius Gabriel. Theoretical and Applied economics. Summer 2017. Vol. 24, Issue 2.

Public Policy and Sustainability: A Public Policy on Waste Management. By Wachira, Muturi; European Journal of Business and Management 2017, Vol. 9, Issue 6.

The effect of Recycling Versus Trashing on Consumption: Theory and Experimental Evidence By SUN, MONIC; TRUDEL, REMI. Journal of Marketing Research (JMR) Apr2017 Vol 54 Issue 2

New Industrialization and the Recycling Sector By: Gubanov, S. Problems of Economic Transition. 2016, Vol. 58 Issue 10

The importance of achieving a high customer satisfaction with recycling services in communities. By: Tabernero, Carmen; Cuadrado, Esther; Luque, Bárbara; Signoria, Elisabetta; Prota, Roberto. Environment, Development & Sustainability. Jun2016, Vol. 18 Issue 3


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