‘The industry has experienced modest growth due to a rise in natural sugar consumption. However, low-cost imports are expected to pressure revenue and profit in the coming years, and downstream demand will fall as consumers opt for no-calorie sweeteners’. -Industry Analysis & Industry Trends, Sugar Processing in the US, IBISWorld


Listed below are just some of the reports on the sugar market that are available to Enterprise Ireland clients to view at the Market Research Centre as well as access to several databases which are listed here.


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• Sugar Confectionary.
• Sugar and Sweeteners


Frost and Sullivan
• Innovations in Prebiotic Sugar Sweeteners
• Innovations in Prebiotic Sugar Substitutes
• Innovations in Agriculture, Sugar Production, Food Preservation and Packaging, and Bacterial Fermentation
• Innovations in Water Purification, Adaptive Irrigation, Sugar Alternative, Vertical Farming, and Mastitis Detection in Cows
• What’s the next sweetener on the horizon?


• Sugarcane Harvesting in US.
• Sugar Processing in the US.
• Hight-Fructose Corn Syrup Production in the US.


• Confectionary


New Nutrition Business
This is an online global business nutrition magazine which clients may find useful when researching within the food industry. It contains articles and case studies on various food related topics and trends


• Sugar Trading


Effects of Working Capital Management on Profitability: A case of Ethiopian Sugar Companies. By Estifanos, Lakech ITIHAS- The Journal of Indian Management, Jan/March 2017, Vol 7, Issue 1.

Is sugar the next tobacco? By Cooper, Ben. Aroq- Just Food. Jan 2017.

Adding Value to Sugar Crop Trash & Byproducts By: Avant, Sandra. Agricultural Research. Feb2018, Vol. 66 Issue 2

Odour-induced taste enhancement and consumption of low-sugar pastry By: Koubaa, Yamen. International Journal of Market Research. 2017, Vol. 59 Issue 6


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