New Nutrition Business identifies ‘Snackification’ as one of the 10 Key Trends in their Food, Nutrition and Health 2018 report.

Enterprise Ireland clients can access New Nutrition Business articles, case studies and the 10 Key Trends 2018 report through the Market Research Centre, to gain insight into the global nutrition business See the list below of more of their articles and further case studies relating to the snack market.

  • Crunch Time for Portugese Dried Fruit Brand as it Takes on Salty Snacks (Feb2018)
  • High-Fat Snacks Pioneer a New Category (Jan2018)
  • Fruit & Veg Crisps Take Bite Out of UK Snack Market (Jul2017)
  • Perfect Bar Keeps Its Cool (Mar2018)
  • Cute Crackers Aim at Adults (Mar2018)


Boost you research with more articles available in EBSCO on the healthy snack market.

  • Healthy Snacks Trends to Chew On, Nutraceuticals World, Jan/Feb 2017 Vol. 20 Issue 1.
  • Snack Food Manufacturing Industry: NAICS 31191. Worldwide Snack Food Manufacturing Industry, 2018. 
  • Healthy Snacks Eat into Diet Aids Sales, Drug Store News, Jan 2017 Vol. 39 Issue 1
  • Sweet & Tart: Confections & Snack Share Usage Occassions – But Not the Same Growth Prospects. By, Veirhile, Tom. Prepared Foods, Mar2018. Vol. 187 Issue 3
  • Snacks Can Be Healthy – For Consumers & Processors. Food Processing. Jan2018 Vol. 79 Issue. 1


Find in-depth country-specific analyses of the Savoury Snacks and Confectionery industries on Marketline, while IBISWorld’s ‘Snack Food Production’ and ‘Dried Fruit & Vegetable Snack Production’ reports focuses on the US market. See the below list of the various snack market related reports available on Euromonitor.

  • Sweet Biscuits, Snack Bars & Fruit Snacks
  • Savoury Snacks
  • Meat-free Protein Products: Shifts in Meat Alternatives and Snack-based Products
  • Repositioning Indulgence to Remain Relevant in the Healthy Eating Era
  • Snacks 2018 Research: Focus on Asia-Pacific


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