As companies seek to promote environmentally friendly practices, they have turned to more fuel-efficient rail transporters to move their goods. The growth of oil production during the early parts of the five-year period encouraged energy companies to use rails to transport their oil as the pipeline networks struggled to keep up with production –Rail Transportation in the US,Industry Analysis & Industry Trends, IBISWorld


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Application of IoT for the Maintaining Rolling Stocks By: Sang Chan Park; Yoo Jung Kim; Jong Un Won. Quality Innovation Prosperity / Kvalita Inovácia Prosperita. 2017, Vol. 21 Issue 2

Rethinking depot design: The introduction of new vehicle designs and ever greater use of condition monitoring systems are driving the evolution of rolling stock maintenance depots. By: BORN, MICHAEL. Railway Gazette International. Jun2017, Vol. 173 Issue 6

Optimum Distribution of Repairs in TS-8 of Electric Locomotives VL80C Between Repair Depots in the Republic of Kazakhstan By: ABDULLAYEV, Seidulla; MUSAYEV, Janat; CHIGAMBAEV, Temyrbay; MALYBAYEV, Saken; BAKYT, Gabit; TOILYBAYEV, Assylbek. Transport Problems: an International Scientific Journal. 2017, Vol. 12 Issue 2


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