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• Global Market for Protein Labelling.
• Global Markets for Bioengineered Protein Drugs.


Frost and Sullivan
• Innovations in Plant-Based Alternatives for Animal Protein.
• Innovations in Bio-Packing, Fragrances, Bio-based Materials and Protein Production.
• Advances in Cancer Treatment, Protein Analysis, Emissions Reduction from Diesel Engine, and Energy Storage
• North America; New Product Innovation Award – The Native Whey Protein Market
• Advancements in Protein Targets Discovery
• Innovations in Bioplastics, Plant-based Proteins and Coatings, Off-grid Energy Production, and Plant Cultivation
• Agriculture and Nutrition Opportunity Engine Series—Opportunities in the Global Protein Ingredients Market Forecast to 2022


• Plant-based Protein: Assessing Demand for Sustainable Alternatives



• Short communication: Muscle protein synthetic response to micro-particulated whey protein in middle-aged men. By: Mitchell, C. J.; D’Souza, R. F.; Fanning, A. C.; Poppitt, S. D.; Cameron-Smith, D. Journal of Dairy Science. Jun2017, Vol. 100 Issue 6,

• Effect of milk protein composition of a model infant formula on the physicochemical properties of in vivo gastric digestates. By: Tari, N. Rafiee; Fan, M. Z.; Archbold, T.; Kristo, E.; Guri, A.; Arranz, E.; Corredig, M. Journal of Dairy Science. Apr2018, Vol. 101 Issue 4

• Cow and environmental factors associated with protein fractions and free amino acids predicted using mid-infrared spectroscopy in bovine milk. By: Berry, D. P.; McParland, S.; McDermott, A.; Visentin, G.; De Marchi, M.; Fenelon, M. A.; Lopez-Villalobos, N. Journal of Dairy Science. Aug2017, Vol. 100 Issue 8

• The effect of spray drying on the difference in flavor and functional properties of liquid and dried whey proteins, milk proteins, and micellar casein concentrates. By: Carter, Brandon; Patel, Hasmukh; Barbano, David M.; Drake, Mary Anne. Journal of Dairy Science. May2018, Vol. 101 Issue 5


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