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• Plastics for Barrier Packaging


Frost & Sullivan
• Plastics for the Automotive, Aerospace, Building and Construction, and Packaging Industries
• Innovations Based on Polymer Brushes, Plastic Packaging, and Reinforced Composites
• Plastics for the Packaging, Photonics, Aerospace, Infrastructure, and Food Industries
• Plastics for the Packaging Industry


• Containers & Packaging


• Plastic Products (various country reports)


• Plastic Film, Sheet & Bag Manufacturing in the US


Pharmaceutical Plastic Packaging Market in Bangladesh: A Study on Demand-Supply Scenario and Strategic Imperatives for Local Enterprises. By: Sadek, Md. Abu Zafor; Jahan, Sheikh Morshed. International Journal of Business & Management. Mar2017, Vol. 12 Issue 3
Rethinking Plastic Packaging By: Martin, Maev. Checkout. Feb2018, Vol. 44 Issue 2


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