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The global market for anti-corrosion coatings should reach $31.0 billion by 2022 from $23.3 billion in 2017 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.9%, from 2017 to 2022- Report Highlights, Anti-corrosion Coatings: Global Markets to 2022, BCC



• Paints and Coatings Market Global Briefing 2017
• Anti-corrosion Coatings: Global Markets to 2022
• Thermal Barrier Coatings: Global Markets
• Optical Coatings: Technologies and Global Markets
• Medical Device Coatings: Global Markets


Frost and Sullivan
• Impact and Implications of BREXIT on the Plastics and Coatings Market
• Paints and Coatings for the Sports and Leisure Goods Industry
• Global Powder Coatings Market, Forecast to 2023
• Technology Innovations Driving the Development of Sustainable Coatings
• Coating Innovations for Automotive and Construction Industries
• Innovations in Steel Coatings, Superhydrophobic Coatings, Ultra-hard Coatings, Barrier Coatings, and Smart Coatings
• Innovations in Anti-corrosion Coatings


• Paints and Varnishes


• Automotive Coatings Manufacturing
• PTFE (Teflon) Coating Manufacturing
• Paint Manufacturing in the US
• Paint Wholesaling in the US

• Paints & Coatings


• Marine Coatings
• Powder Coatings
• Automotive Paints
• Paint Manufacturers
• Painting & Decorating Supplies


• Effect of Antimicrobial Edible Coatings and Modified Atmosphere Packaging on the Microbiological Quality of Cold Stored Hake (Merluccius merluccius) Fillets. By: Carrión-Granda, X.; Fernández-Pan, I.; Rovira, J.; Maté, J. I. Journal of Food Quality. 2/11/2018

• Paint Process Pains: Applying design of experiments for testing paint adherence on a part. By: Bertoni, Christopher N. Quality Progress. Jun2017, Vol. 50 Issue 6

• Decision-support tools for selection of pipeline corrosion coatings. By: Yasseri, Sirous; Bahai, Hamid. Journal of Pipeline Engineering. Jun2017, Vol. 16 Issue 2

• Tactile Interaction Coatings: Soft Materials Based on Silicones and Siloxane-Polyol Urethanes By: Arkles, Barry; Goff, Jonathan. Paint & Coatings Industry. Jul2017, Vol. 33 Issue 7


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