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Sleep Aid & Technology:

The global market for sleep aids and technologies is expected to reach $84.9 billion by 2021 from $66.3 billion in 2016, rising at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.1% from 2016 through 2021. – Report Highlights, Sleep Aids: Technologies and Global Markets, BCC


  • Sleep Aids: Technologies and Global Markets


  • Sleep Aids
  • Global Trends in Sleep Aids and Stress Management

Frost and Sullivan

  • Advances in Therapeutic Devices for Sleep Apnea (TechVision)
  •  A Sleepless Nation: What Does the Lack of Sleep Really Cost Us?
  • Global Digital Health Sleep Technology Market—Companies-to-Action, 2017
  • Innovations in Stable Sensors, Sleep Monitoring Sensors, Laser-based Sensors, and Quantum Sensors


  •  Sleep Disorder Clinics in the US

Pain Management:

The global market for pain management will grow from nearly $36.1 billion in 2017 to $52.0 billion by 2022, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.6% for the period of 2017-2022. – Report Highlights; The Global Market for Pain Management Devices and Drugs

Frost and Sullivan:

  • Innovations in Pain Management: A Technology Blueprint to Counter Opiod Addiction
  • Advances in Management of Pain, Cancer, and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
  • Therapeutic Advances in Pain Management (TechVision)


  • Analgesics Update Part 2: The Future of Pain Management
  • Health and Wellness (country report)
  • Consumer health (by country)


  • The Global Market for Pain Management Drugs and Devices
  • Non-opioid Pain Treatment: Global Markets to 2022


  • Industry Trend Analysis – US Opioid Epidemic: Medical Devices Will Improve Pain And Addiction Management


  • Pressures and Opportunities in Pain
  • Neuropathic pain:
    •  Treatment
    • Market Spotlight
    • Forecast
    • Epidemiology


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