These are just some of the reports on the Packaged Food Market that are available to Enterprise Ireland clients. To access these reports, clients can email us at to arrange a visit. We’re open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

You can view the resources the Market Research Centre has available at this link.

• Frozen Food Production in the US


• Ready Meals Packaging
• Packaged Food 2018 Edition: New Insights and System Refresher
• Packaged Food: Quarterly Statement Q3 2017
• Baby Food Packaging
• Packaged Food


• Food & Grocery Retail
• Packaged Water


• Food Packaging
• Prepared Meals
• Frozen Foods
• Food Wholesalers & Distributors


• Physicochemical Properties of Chitosan Films Incorporated with Honeysuckle Flower Extract for Active Food Packaging. By: Wang, Liyan; Wang, Qian; Tong, Jin; Zhou, Jiang. Journal of Food Process Engineering. Feb2017, Vol. 40 Issue 1

• Laser Speckle Spectroscopy Image Analysis for High Pressure and High Temperature Treatment Discrimination on LDPE, HDPE BOPP, BOPA and PET Polymer Layers Used for Food Packaging. By: Perez Alvarado, Fernando A.; Hussein, Mohamed A.; Becker, Thomas. Journal of Food Process Engineering. Feb2017, Vol. 40 Issue 1


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