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Below are just some of the reports analysing the Mobile Phones & Apps market globally.

The global market for mobile applications was valued at nearly $10.9 billion in 2015. This market is expected to increase from $12.2 billion in 2016 to nearly $24.0 billion in 2021 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.4% for 2016-2021- Mobile Technologies: Global Market, BCC Research, 2017.


  • Mobile Phones 
  • Mobile Phones, Radio Transmitters & Television Cameras 
  • Shopping Reinvented: Mobile App Features that Drive Discovery, Engagement and Sales 
  • Connected Consumers in Asia Pacific: Mobile-centric Mindset Permeates all Aspects of Life 
  • Connected Consumers: Future Mobility, Home and City 


Frost & Sullivan 

  • Canadian Adoption of Mobile Worker Applications, 2018   
  • Chinese Mobile Payments Services Market, Forecast to 2023   
  • North American Mobile Field Service Management Market, Forecast to 2022   
  • North American Mobile Enterprise Applications, 2018—A Survey of Customer Preferences, Plans and Impacts   


  • Report Highlight for Market Insight: Mobile Phone Revenue – What Drives Growth and What to Avoid 
  • Cost Optimization: The Mobile Phone is the only Phone the Digital Workplace Employee needs  
  • Predicts 2018: Mobile Apps and Their Development 
  • Key Considerations When Building Web, Native or Hybrid Mobile Apps 
  • Hype Cycle for Mobile Apps and Multiexperience Development, 2018 
  • Hype Cycle for Endpoint and Mobile Security, 2018 


IBISWorld (US Market) 

  • Cell Phone Repair 
  • Cell Phone Recycling 
  • Smartphone App Developers 



  • Mobile Phones 
  • Mobile Phone Distributors 
  • Mobile App Developers 
  • Marketline (Country Reports) 
  • Mobile Phone 
  • Mobile Apps   


BCC Research 

  • Mobile Chargers – Global Markets 
  • Mobile Technologies: Global Markets


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