According to Frost & Sullivan, “the global medtech market will reach $413.6 billion in 2019, growing at 5.8%”. Another discovery is that the APAC region is emerging as a key growth region in the medtech market, as it’s expected to overtake Europe as the second largest market by 2022. The Market Research Centre is an Enterprise Ireland service offering clients access to a wide range of market, sector and company reports. Enterprise Ireland clients can view the below sample list of reports analysing the medtech market globally.

BCC Research

  • Medical Wearables: Beyond FitBit (Oct 2019)
  • The Market for Minimally Invasive Medical Devices (Oct 2019)
  • Latest Innovations in Medical Device Technologies (Sept 2019)
  • How 5G will affect Healthcare (Aug 2019)
  • Point of Care Diagnostics: Technologies and Global Markets (Aug 2019)
  • Top Ten Medical Plastic Producers (Aug 2019)
  • 3D Printed Medical Devices (May 2019)
  • Medical Membrane Devices: Markets and Technologies (Apr 2019)
  • Medical Imaging- A BCC Research Outlook (Apr 2019)
  • Wearable Medical Devices: Technologies and Global Markets (Mar 2019)
  • 2019 Global Market Forecast for Medical Laser Equipment (2020-2025 Outlook) Manufacturing and Markets Report (Feb 2019)
  • Global 3D Medical and Surgical Imaging Platform Market (Feb 2019)


Frost & Sullivan

  • North America: Technology Leadership Award-Remote Medical Monitoring (Sept 2019)
  • Global Digital Health Outlook, 2020 (Aug 2019)
  • Innovations in Medical Device Implants, Neurostimulation, Surgical Interventions and SMART Diagnostics (Jul 2019)
  • Medical Device Innovations Furthering Fem Tech (Jun 2019)
  • Innovations in Digital Health, Wound Care, Wearable Devices and Medical Imaging (Jun 2019)
  • Disruptive Technologies in Digital Health (Jun 2019)
  • Global Medical Technologies Industry Predictors 2019 (Apr 2019)
  • Digital Pathology: Roadmap to the Future of Medical Diagnosis (Dec 2018)
  • Medical Technologies Transforming the Future of Healthcare (Sept 2018)


Fitch Solutions

  • Medical Devices Reports by Country (Oct 2019)
  • Aurora Concussion Therapy Systems receives breakthrough Device Designation from US (Sept 2019)
  • Interest in Implantable Biosensors will grow as Technology advances (Sept 2019)


IbisWorld (US)

  • Medical Device Manufacturing in the US (June 2019)
  • Medical Instrument and Supply Manufacturing in the US (Dec 2018)
  • Telehealth Services in the US (Sep 2018)


IbisWorld (Aus, NZ, China)

  • Medical and Scientific Equipment Wholesaling in Australia (Aug 2019)
  • Medical and Surgical Equipment Manufacturing in Australia (Feb 2019)
  • Medical Supplies Manufacturing in China (Apr 2019)
  • Medical Device Manufacturing in China (Feb 2019)
  • Medical, Surgical and Scientific Equipment Manufacturing in New Zealand (Mar 2019)


Plimsoll  (UK)

  • Medical Devices Industry
  • Medical Diagnostics Industry


EBSCO covers access to a large variety of worldwide academic journals, trade publications and articles on the medical device /medtech industry.

Through ProQuest, clients can access Business Monitor International’s reports on Medical Device Industry, Medical Technology, and Medical Equipment.

Marketline’s ‘Healthcare Equipment’ reports also mention medical devices and give an analysis of the broader market.

BVD Orbis and Kompassare available to carry out medtech company searches, due diligence checks or filter a company listing by location, industry, turnover and size.


To view these reports or for more information, contact the Market Research Centre at The MRC is open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm.

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