Enterprise Ireland clients can access the Market Research Centre and view a range of reports analysing the garden products market. To view the reports listed below or if you have any queries, contact us at market.research@enterprise-ireland.com. The MRC is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

AMA Research (UK Market)

  • Internet Garden UK 2018-2022 (October ’18)
  • Domestic Garden Buildings and Structures UK 2018-2022 (April ’18)
  • Garden Products Distribution UK 2018-2022 (February ’18)
  • Domestic Landscaping Materials UK 2017-2021 (May ‘17)
  • Domestic Garden Leisure UK 2017-2021


  • Home and Garden Specialist Retailers (Various country reports)
  • Home and Garden 2017 Edition: A Global Snapshot
  • Home and Garden in (Various country reports)
  • Gardening in (Various country reports)
  • How to Sell Home and Garden to Millenials: 4 Key Takeaways


  • Nursery and Garden Stores in the US (November ’18)
  • Landscape Design in the US (November ’18)
  • Hydroponic Growing Equipment Stores in the US (October ’18)
  • Farm, Lawn and Garden Equipment Wholesaling in the US (September ’18)
  • Garden Supplies Retailing in Australia (September ’18)
  • Gardening Services in Australia (September ’18)
  • Garden Supplies Retailing in New Zealand (February ’18)
  • Lawn and Outdoor Equipment Stores in the US (September ’18)
  • Flower and Nursery Stock Wholesaling in the US (June ’18)


  • New Products & New Contacts at the Garden Press EventDIY Week. 3/9/2018. Issue 5832
  • What are the Benefits of Own-Brand Products for Garden Centre Retailers. By. Appleby, Matthew. Horticulture Week. Sep2017.
  • A Smart System Keeps Growing: Garden Watering Product A Boon for Plants and Conservation. By. Losaw, Jeremy. Inventors’ Digest. Mar2017. Vol. 33 Issue 3


  • Global Home and Garden Products (November ’18)
  • Home and Garden Products Top 5 Emerging Markets Industry Guide 2018-2022 (March ’18)
  • Home and Garden Products (various country reports)

Plimsoll (UK Market)

  • Garden Products (November ’18)
  • Garden Buildings (November ’18)
  • Garden Furniture (November ’18)
  • Garden Ornaments (November ’18)
  • Garden Tools (November ’18)
  • Garden Centres (November ’18)
  • Tree Growers and Suppliers (November ’18)


Important Note: All databases are subject to copyright. The use of cameras and USBs is strictly prohibited.


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