Enterprise Ireland clients have access to the following market reports on the Food Preservation and Additives market. Clients can access these reports at the Market Research Centre, we’re open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

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Frost and Sullivan
• Innovation in Microalgae, Antibiotics, Aquaculture and Food Preservation.
• Innovations in Agriculture, Sugar Production, Food Preservation and Packaging, and Bacterial Fermentation.
• Preservatives in Dairy Industry -High-Tech Materials TOE.
• Industrial Bio-Processing – Innovations in Food Preservation Technologies
• Innovations in Food Preservation and Food Processing


Short Communication: Analytical Method and Amount of Preservative Added to Milk Samples May Alter Milk Urea Nitrogen Measurements. By: Weeks, Holley L.; Hristov, Alexander N. Journal of Dairy Science. Feb2017, Vol. 100 Issue 2

Antioxidant status and gut microbiota change in an aging mouse model as influenced by exopolysaccharide produced by Lactobacillus plantarum YW11 isolated from Tibetan kefir By: Jian Zhang; Xiao Zhao; Yunyun Jiang; Wen Zhao; Ting Guo; Yongqiang Cao; Junwei Teng; Xiaona Hao; Juan Zhao; Zhennai Yang. Journal of Dairy Science. Aug2017, Vol. 100 Issue 8

Relationships Between Bioactive Compound Content and the Antiplatelet and Antioxidant Activities of Six Allium Vegetable Species. By: Beretta, Hebe Vanesa; Bannoud, Florencia; Insani, Marina; Berli, Federico; Hirschegger, Pablo; Galmarini, Claudio Rómulo; Cavagnaro, Pablo Federico. Food Technology & Biotechnology. Apr-Jun2017, Vol. 55 Issue 2


New Nutrition Business
• This is a business magazine based around the global food and nutrition sector. It has articles and case studies on various topics and trends within the industry. Clients may find this useful when researching within the food industry.


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