Enterprise Ireland clients can access the Market Research Centre and view a range of reports analysing theWindow and Glass market. To view the reports listed below or if you have any queries, contact us at market.research@enterprise-ireland.com. The MRC is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.


Frost & Sullivan

  • Innovations in Flame Retardants
  • Intumescent Coatings for the Fire Protection Advanced Coatings & Surface Technology TOE
  • Global Fire Protection Coatings Market, Forecast to 2023
  • The Middle East Fire Protection Market, Forecast to 2021


  • Update on the Regulatory Status of Flame Retardants. By. West, Jay; Simon, Robert J. CoatingsWorld Feb2018. Part 1.
  • New Flame Retardant Solutions for Flexible PU Foams in Automotive Appliations By. Heiko, Tebbe; Egan, Joseph. CoatingsWorld Dec2017. Vol. 22 Issue 12.
  • A Review of Recent Developments in Flame Retardant Polymers. By. Mahajan, S.U.; Anton, A; Pryzbyla, C; Kulkami, R.D.; Bhanu, V.A.. PaintIndia. Apr2017. Vol. 67 Issue 4

IBISWorld (US Market)

  • Firestop Contractors


  • Fire Fighting Equipment
  • Fire Protection Engineers
  • Fire Resistant Glass
  • Fire Sprinkler Systems

AMA Research

  • Passive Fire Protection UK Market 2016-2020

BCC Research

  • Flame Retardant Chemicals: Technologies & Global Markets



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