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• ‘A comparison of the online shopping behavior patterns of consumer groups with different online shopping experiencesShwu-Ing Wu; Hsin-Ti Tsai. International Journal of Marketing Studies. 2017, Vol. 9 Issue 3

• ‘A study to determine factors for service quality in online shoppingShah, Bhautik; KeyurNayak. International Journal of Exclusive Management Research. May2017, Vol. 7 Issue 5

Online Shopping and Social Media: Friends or Foes? By: Zhang, Yuchi; Trusov, Michael; Stephen, Andrew T.; Jamal, Zainab. Journal of Marketing. Nov2017, Vol. 81 Issue 6

Online Shopping Malls: Behavioral Impacts of Short- and Long-Term Store Loyalty. ukihiro Miwa; Makoto Morisada; Dahana, Wirawan D. International Business Research. Mar2018, Vol. 11 Issue 3

A Study on Online Shopping Sites from Perspective of Perceived Value and Perceived Customer Satisfaction. By: KARABOĞA, Kazım; KOÇYİĞİT, Nezahat; YAZGAN, Ayşe Elif; CİCİ KARABOĞA, Emine Nihan. Journal of Knowledge Management, Economics & Information Technology. Dec2017, Vol. 7 Issue 6


Frost and Sullivan
• Advancements in 3D Printing, Gene Expression, Coolants, Nuclear Waste Treatment, and Online Retail
• The Evolving Online Retail Channel in Consumer Electronics in India
• Online Retailing: The Next Digital Revolution


IBISWorld (US Industry Reports)
• Online Baby Product Sales in the US
• Online Jewelry & Watch Sales in the US
• Online Grocery Sales in the US
• Online Vitamin & Supplement Sales in the US
• Online Automotive Parts & Accessories Sales in the US


• Online Retail


• Skincare Online Retailers


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