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Over the past five years, the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Manufacturing industry experienced volatile growth. With combat operations in the Middle East winding down and congressional focus shifting to reducing the federal debt, funding for defence began to decline. The government began cutting funding for industry projects, and industry revenue declined from its 2008 peak. Outside the defence market, however, industry players have increasingly focused on the development of UAVs for civil and commercial use – Industry Analysis and Industry Trends, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Manufacturing in the US, IBISWorld


Frost and Sullivan
• Sensor-based Imaging Techniques for Drones.
• Commercial Drones Disrupting Existing Business Models and Applications.
• North-America; Technology Innovation Award- Commercial Drone Platforms.
• Developments in Delivery Robots, Cloud-connected Humanoid Robots, Grasping Robots, Construction 3D Printing and Marine Drones.
• Advancements in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
• Commercial Drone Market Competitive Intelligence, 2018—Drone-in-a-Box Companies
• Innovations in Plasmonic Biosensors, Pressure Distribution Sensors, Autonomous Drone-like Cameras, Tooth Sensors, and E. Coli Sensors


• Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Manufacturing in the US


• The coming disruption of Drones, Robots and Bots: How will it affect CPA’S and Accounting Practice? By: Appelbaum, Deniz; Nehmer, Robert. CPA Journal. Jun2017

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• Rise of The Drone: More organizations are dabbling in unmanned aircraft systems. Quality Progress. Oct2017, Vol. 50 Issue 10


• Hype Cycle for Drones and Mobile Robots, 2017
• Consumer Goods CIOs Must Prepare for Autonomous Distribution


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