“Survey data shows that 80% of workers who have established that they can work from home during the COVID-19 crisis expect to continue to do so in the future.” The Distributed Workplace of the Future Is Now, Gartner.


  • Digital Workplace Strategy Primer for 2021 (February,2021) 
  • Digital Workplace Applications Primer for 2021 (February,2021) 
  • Prioritize 3 Initiatives for Government Digital Workplace Programs (February,2021) 
  • Predicts 2021: Digital Workplace Infrastructure and Operations (December,2020) 
  • Predicts 2021: Digital Workplace Applications Evolve to Support Remote, “Force Multiplier” Staff (December,2020) 
  • State of the Digital Workplace in Midsize Enterprises, 2020 (December,2020) 
  • Adapt the IT Operating Model to Deliver Indispensable Digital Workplace Services (December,2020) 
  • Magic Quadrant for Meeting Solutions (October,2020) 
  • The Distributed Workplace of the Future Is Now (September,2020) 
  • Hype Cycle for Digital Workplace Infrastructure and Operations, 2020 (August,2020) 

Frost & Sullivan 

  • Impact of Work-from-home on Mobility Patterns, Scenario Analysis, 2030 (January,2021) 
  • Growth Opportunities in the Global Cloud Meetings and Team Collaboration Services Market, Forecast to 2026 (December,2020) 
  • The Transition to a Successful Work at Home Agent (WAHA) Model (June,2020) 


  • The Future of Work: COVID-19 is accelerating technological and employment changes that were underway (July,2020) 
  • Remote working before and after COVID-19: opportunities for business, IT and property (April,2020) 


  • Workplaces in New Spaces – The Balancing Act (January,2021) 


  • What’s next for remote work: An analysis of 2,000 tasks, 800 jobs, and nine countries (November,2020) 

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