The Enterprise Ireland Market Research Centre offers client companies access to market intelligence in the form of company, sector, market and country information needed to explore opportunities and compete in international markets. The list of resources we have available can be viewed here.

Below are just some of the reports analysing the Dairy market globally.



  • Drinking Milk Products
  • Other Dairy
  • Yoghurt and Sour Milk Products
  • Cheese
  • Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts


  • Dairy Export Markets: Changing the Structure of US Dairy Demand. By. Blayney, Don P.; Crawford, Teryy L.; Davis, Christopher G. International Food & Agribusiness Management Review 2016 Special Issue B. Vol. 19 Issue B
  • Price Transmission in Global Dairy Markets. By. Newton, John. International Food & Agribusiness Management Review 2016 Special Issue B. Vol. 19 Issue B
  • Turbulence in World Dairy Markets. By. O’Donovan, Derry. Irish Farmers Monthly. Apr2016
  • India’s new generation of flavours: Milk based soft drinks are boosting consumption in the world’s largest dairy market. By. Hayes, David. Dairy Industries International. Jun2017. Vol. 82 Issue 6.

IBISWorld (US Market)

  • Dairy Farms in the US
  • Dairy Product Production in the US
  • Dairy Wholesaling in the US
  • Ice Cream Production in the US
  • Cheese Production
  • Yoghurt Production

Marketline (Country Reports)

  • Dairy
  • Ice Cream

Plimsoll (UK Market)

  • Dairy
  • Dairy Equipment
  • Dairy products
  • Dairy Produce Merchants
  • Chees Makers & Suppliers
  • Ice Cream Manufacturers

New Nutrition Business

  • Dairy Case Study: Long road for premium, low-sugar probiotic Greek Yoghurt. August 2017
  • At Long Last Yoplait says ‘Oui’ to innovation. July 2017
  • Dairy Case Study: Success of low-sugar brand reshaping ice-cream market. May 2017
  • Dairy Case Study: NZ backs innovation in value added sheep milk. April 2017
  • Dairy Case Study: Swiss innovator quietly builds global high-value health niche. April 2017

Proteus Insight

  • Global Mozzarella 2017

Frost & Sullivan

  • The Indian Dairy Industry
  • Goat Milk Powder Emerging Trends


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